Dog Gone Deb

Today’s column will end with an email and picture I recently received from my sister, Deb. First I have to give you some background to give the story context.

Deb is the oldest of my siblings and has always looked after us. I would describe Deb’s matronly ways as part mother hen, part border collie and just a dash of drill sergeant. Debbie likes to know that every member of her family (human or animal) is happy but protected under her benevolent umbrella. If something bad happens to one of us, it also happens to her. She is a person who many have looked to (including me) during times of need and has a very deep well of compassion.

Deb and her husband, Mike, have three Rat Terrier dogs that are energetic and smart enough to get themselves into trouble from which they cannot extract themselves. Tigger, Miss Scarlett and Woody recently rediscovered that they are also included under the Debbie umbrella when they took off on an adventure that was neither planned nor approved by Deb. This caused a lot of anxiety for Deb as she seeks guarantee danger stays far from her three little rats. Her pursuit and recovery was successful and none came to harm but the dogs received the pointy end of a heart to heart conversation with their human mother. There’s a certain investment Deb makes in those she cares for and she protects that investment with diligence. Although always kind, she also lets you know what her expectations are and I’m sure these expectations were explained in great detail to Tigger, Miss Scarlett and Woody-perhaps in a louder than “indoor voice.” I’m sure they were as relieved to get back home as was Deb but for totally different reasons. This is where my part of the narration ends, I’ll let Debbie tell you the full story through the email and picture she sent to me a few weeks ago.

“I let the Rat Terriers out the door after dinner tonight. I ran back in the house for something and found they had headed down the road. I blew the whistle, called, and the only one who’d come back was Tigger, the first one we purchased. I got in Mike’s car and drove the 1/8 mile down the road where Miss Scarlett and Woody were investigating the deep ditch. I ordered them in the car. I’d taken Tigger with me as he had hopped in the car in the yard. I bawled them out on the way home and ordered them into the house. Mike was sitting in his recliner trying to heal from the day and all three terriers jumped in his lap as if to say, "Dad! Protect us from Mom!" It made me laugh so I took a few pictures so you could see what three dogs, in trouble, and seeking shelter from "Dad", look like.”


The picture of Mike and the Terriers was too large to post so to see the picture, click on this link:

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