Letter to Dave

Hi Dave,

This letter is going to be a laundry list, therefore it will be like most of the letters I send your way.

First off, I have a video recommendation. I recently received “President Reagan: The Great Speeches,” from my Netflix account. I sometimes forget that I am now old and that there are voters who were not alive when Reagan was president and I assume everyone remembers him. It’s was so nice to listen to a government official who didn’t carefully talk his way around words like “religion” and “morality.” Reagan had such strength and conviction and didn’t seem to think the Constitution or the Bible were meant to be interpreted but were rather rocks upon which to cling. It all reminded that doing right isn’t always easy but it certainly is more simple than to justify doing wrong.

There was a vintage snowmobile show in town last week at the Ralph Engelstad. Our nephew, Jamie, and I stopped by for about an hour Saturday morning. Although there are a few large manufacturers left, there once we dozens of snowmobiles made in the world. Snowmobile dealerships were ran from one car garages, gas stations and agricultural dealerships. Arctic Cat and Polaris were well represented however our beloved John Deere’s had only on sled in attendance, however it was a Minneapolis to St Paul I-500 race contestant. I think most people like race sleds but I prefer consumer sleds and the unique restorations. Some of these sleds were basically the same product but with different paint and decals. The was an old “Johnson” sled (very similar to an Evinrude Bobcat) which had been painted in “Caterpillar” black and gold. Another sled I really liked was the purple “Viking” which had been restored by Greg Hestekind of Viking. Greg and I went to school together and he had painted the snowmobile in honor of Marshall County Central high school, once know as the Nordics.

I’m not sure if you heard, but Lisa’s mom recently had to have some surgery done. We went to pick her up afterward and bring her home and she was recovering nicely. The doctors had estimated she wouldn’t be out for three to five days but Jeanette surprised them and left in two. Jeanette has many nicknames but almost of all them make some reference to her amazing fortitude. At age 70, Jeanette cleaned then painted her house prior to surgery so she could focus on getting better when she got home. I think she is testament to the importance of staying busy and how it relates to good health. Jeanette’s sister, Joann, is taking care of Jeanette during what I’m sure will be a short convalescence. As Jeanette is a nurse, I’m sure Joann is being schooled by her patient on how to be a good caregiver with some regularity.

Farmers are moving quickly now through long hours to get small grains planted. Row crops will be next and there will be now break prior to spraying. Equipment gets bigger as the planting window gets smaller and I’m sure you’re seeing plenty of the same at Case/IH in Carrington, North Dakota.

Finally, it was nice season you and your family at mom’s birthday party. We all get together so rarely that it’s really quite nice. The only bad thing is taking pictures, or rather having pictures taken of you. After that Sunday, I think I understand why some primitive cultures refuse to have their picture taken. You’re little bro’


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