In Need of a Higher Power

Belief in someone greater than ourselves is not just a religious principle, it’s the cornerstone of good character. When you believe in a greater power, you relieve yourself of ego and arrogance plus it’s easier to submit to the rules that make us better , happier people. Unfortunately, some people have cast this belief to the side and replaced it with a belief in themselves, and only themselves. They have become their own savior and their own God. These same people obviously feel they no longer have to play by the rules, they have no respect for the intrinsic value of life and feel they will not have to answer for their actions. I have a horrible example of these actions to share with you.

Last week 29 dogs were rescued from a Kennel near Erskine, Minnesota. The dogs are now in the capable and professional hands of the Pennington County Humane Society of Thief River Falls, Mn. The dogs were underweight, malnourished and some are suffering from coccidia, which causes diarrhea. I suspect there will be many people who hope to adopt these dogs, however it will be some time before the case can work itself through court so it may be a bit before the final result is known. The dog breeds range from English Setters, German Shepherds, Irish and Gordon Setters to even a Chocolate Lab. The Polk County Sheriff’s office is on the case which gives me great confidence that justice will be served.

I don’t know the people who have this kennel and to speak about it prior to a court result would be irresponsible for me. I do know one thing, the backyard puppy mill is not a happy place where animals frolic while they await a new home. Often times, these are cramped animal factories where contentment and respect for life bow before the bottom line. I don’t know whether the folks who runs these little shops are stupid or evil; I don’t really care-the result is the same as the animals suffer

This brings me to my original premise; a lack of belief in a higher power makes humans somewhat less than human. When we no longer answer to a higher power and respect life as a whole, then we see it only as a commodity and we become somewhat monstrous. When people believe that they are the highest power, they can easily rationalize that their own needs come before others and the evil they do is right, without self-evaluation. Those who answer to no one, forget that they should be stewards of what is theirs. I wonder what God thinks about those who have to opportunity to do good for his creations and fail to do so? I suspect the only prayer at a “puppy mill” comes from the animals for their release.

That brings us to the Pennington County Humane Society, a true oasis for lost animals. I recently visited them and saw the 29 survivors from their former “home.“ Some are still covered in the feces that made up their one-time bed but volunteers have taken on the task of hygiene in which the former owners failed. These little animals have gotten their release. They are not healthy yet, but can sun themselves when they want and sit in the shade when it suits them. One little pup has even taken to chasing butterflies along the fence. One older dog sat in front of her shelter and simply allowed herself to relax. A small group of them even mauled me a little, it was wonderful.

The Humane Society was already doing a lot of business saving pets prior to the arrival of 29 new dogs. It’s a massive task which they’ve assumed; they need volunteers and money, plain and simple. The volunteers are to help walk the dogs and the money is for everything else. The Pennington County Humane Society phone number is 218-681-8045. As we look to a higher power for care and guidance, so do these little pups look to us to make those same characteristics into concrete action.


One thought on “In Need of a Higher Power

  1. I was very touched by your article. I am sad to say but I know the former owner of these dogs. I have a child with him. He has never paid one dime of support to her in almost 3 years. Unless he can benefit from you he wants nothing to do with you, even if your his own child. He cares nothing of those dogs they were a means for him to buy cigerettes and food for himself. I am sick that I even know this person and after reading your article it reminds me that there is a higher power and he will have to answer for his selfish ways. Maybe not this week or the next but some day. I would love to adopt one of these dogs however I am out of state. Pray for their souls!


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