Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I have found the cure, for anything; lemonade. A few weeks back, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with summer projects. I took a drive into town to work-out and came across a lemonade stand along county road seven near Thief River Falls, Mn. This might seem like a fairly remote outpost; however people like to use it as an alternate route to Grand Forks which makes it fairly busy. Anyway, Dave, three young business people had set up a stand along the road and it made me feel pretty good. I like industrious youth plus the lemonade was also really decent. Most of the lemonade I’ve ever purchased at a stand tastes like it was made with an eye towards keeping inputs low; more like lemon-water. This lemonade was good, the kids had a nice little stand from which to serve and they made correct change from a tackle box. I took a pass on the change and told them to put it towards their first clear dollar of profit.

The fair was in town last week. I sat at a booth until my body core temperature reached 95 degrees and then shivered my way home. Oh well, you hold a fair with the weather you have, not the weather you want; I bet the cattle and horses enjoyed the cool nights and even colder days. I love the goats and pigs, especially the Boer goats. I’d like to have goats at our farm but just visiting with them at the fair kind of satisfies me until next year. I think the pigs appreciate my quiet respect after several long days of little kids squealing at them. I can look them in the eye and there’s just sort of a quiet acknowledgement between man and beast; perhaps they’re just willing me to go away and quit staring.

We had a few visitors last week. A bus full of folks who had an interest in pasturing cattle arrived to see what we’ve done on our farm. I’m proud of our cattle and facilities and it was nice to talk to people who like cattle. These were really nice people who wanted to listen and ask questions; some even took pictures of me which must have been a disappointment for their camera. I think we visited for about an hour but the time passed more quickly than it appeared on a clock.

I hope we can follow through on our plans to visit the Minuteman Nuclear missile site near Cooperstown, North Dakota. I checked around and apparently you go underground where the missiles were once stored and you can see the nearby control center. Apparently, they’ve left the site in its original condition right down to the magazines Air Force personnel were reading when the site was shut down. I’m no fan of nuclear war, however these sites are what prevented our own destruction by nuclear war and are an interesting part of recent history. Most of the sites were imploded and then left until Soviet satellites could confirm their destruction so this is indeed a rare opportunity. Anyway, we can always eat afterwards and talk plus dinner out is always worth a drive.

P.S. (I don’t believe in postscripts but this is a special occasion) Our nephew, Jamie and his wife Kristy had their baby Wednesday night, Clay James Nelson. He can’t help but grow up right with a name like that.
You’re little bro’

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