Good Ole Days

In the musical, “Brigadoon,” the little town in which the story is set appears only once per century. My home town of Viking is like that-only on a shorter time table. Viking is probably not on your radar most of the year but once every year, it appears. Good Ole Days in Viking, Minnesota is August 14th-16th and something I want to talk about this week.

First off, Viking is beautiful; people take care of Viking-it’s not just a place to sleep. Two churches, the elementary school and community center have not changed in decades, however these anchors of a small community have not become old and uncared for, either. Viking has progressed with a new township building, many remodeled houses and a new café. Every time your flush in Viking, it is a vote for renewal and progress as the city recently installed a modern waste management system which clearly shows they have planned for their future.

Good Ole Days begins Friday the 14th with an afternoon garden tour at 5:30 and an outdoor movie, “Night at the Museum.” Saturday morning starts with breakfast at the new diner where you shop the antiques while you wait for breakfast, this is my favorite place to buy collectibles and primitives. The Rod and Gun Club is sponsoring a “Young Sportsman” event for young hunters and fishermen and there’s a flea market in the park all day. Eat as often as you want, as the Viking Firemen will serve a wide variety of food that’s scores well in excess of a days’ worth of Weight Watcher’s points (go ahead, it’s a special occasion) all day long. The Kiddie parade starts at ten followed by the main parade at eleven. There’s bingo in the afternoon at the fire hall and a vintage snowmobile display is planned in the new township building (rumor has it the world famous “Captain Nordic” John Deere 300 is going to be featured.) Saturday night the “Wood Picks” will play at the same locale. Sunday features a community worship in the park at nine followed by coffee and rolls.

The museum in Viking is a separate daily celebration unto itself and deserves its own paragraph. The Peter’s museum is run by Jerome Peters. The museum seems to be in a constant state of construction as it is always expanding. I’ve visited the museum as recently as two week’s ago and it really is worth the trip. The Peter’s Museum will feature plowing and lefse-making demonstrations plus items from the history of farming and living not only in Viking but from all rural life. The Peter’s Museum has all new buildings, is nicely organized and is more like something I’d expect from a town much larger than Viking. It will be open all week-end long.

Everyone talks about getting back to a simpler life; this is your chance to at least get a taste. Good Ole Days in Viking is that perfect chance to experience simpler times, participate in events that are created by volunteers and not for profit, then find out how your parents and grandparents lived their lives. You can learn about Viking at their website, , but you’ll learn to love my home town with a visit to Good Ole Days August 14th through the 16th.

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