Fall is Here

(you will also find this week’s radio program at the bottom of the page-GN)

I’ve always considered the season of fall to be the most honorable season. Fall is honest, sincere, open and friendly. This year’s weather has been strange, however I expected fall to come along and make everything right-it has not. The third season began this week and I bet you never even noticed.

Nature abhors a vacuum, it always seeks to fill the void. I think a disappointing spring and summer left a void that made us all wish for weather that would make us feel fulfilled and rewarded. The season of changing colors has always been pretty straightforward; fall brings cooling temperatures, sunny days, a period of miserable, cold, wet weather and then Indian summer. Fall always brings bad news that winter is on its way and that fall is just here to discuss the fact as nicely as it can and to cushion the blow. The fall of 2009 has instead arrived with sunshine and heat which foretells nothing of the cold and snow which will soon arrive. It is like a friend who has decided to simply smile and let you find out the bad news on your own.

I know the truth, fall is here. I was enjoying such a beautiful morning this week when I heard a familiar sound, the honking of geese. Geese flying south each season reminds us that seasons change. Most times, I see geese flying in an asymmetrical “v” that makes their direction seem a little vague. This flight of geese was of a perfect shape and sure of purpose, direction and the reason they were leaving; fall is here. Farmers know it too and you can see it in the intensity of their harvest. An inch of summer rain can evaporate quickly, however that same inch in September or October may still be here when the frost arrives. Combines and chisels plows are moving at speeds unprecedented as their operators know that time is short and the skies will soon turn heavy and blue. An unusually lighthearted fall may have some with their guard down, but the geese and farmers know better.

I don’t mean to make this fall seem malevolent. I am enjoying the bright sunshine and extra time to finish not just the projects of fall but also some I had saved for this winter. I have kept our cattle on pasture later than normal and have done a few extra tasks that normally would be kicked to the side of the road for lack of time. I am enjoying the nice weather, too.

I could quote you something like “gather ye rosebuds while ye may,” in order to make poignant the fact that time is short and that the season of fall, like life, will soon quickly pass. The truth is, somewhere deep in our minds, we already know time is short and most of us will simply choose to enjoy the extra sun and heat and not question what comes next. Maybe denial is there to protect us and this is just a real gift of time and place. I just wanted to remind you, in a sincere and honest way, always cushioning the blow of impending winter, that fall is here.


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