A Halloween Poem

Halloween arrived on time this date
No thanks to daylight savings, which I really hate.

The kids were out to simply have some fun
Halloween seems tame, next to H1N1

Santa delivers presents, and right on time
Sadly, Halloween candy arrives via Northwest Airlines.

Santa stays vigilant for his ride with reindeer.
While pilots, view laptops, from the course they’ll soon veer.

Sad children would receive only toothbrushes for treats
In the North, we expect candy or at least pickled meats.

It seemed, just then, Halloween would not be celebrated
Unseen, it would go straight to video, like a film not yet rated.

Just then an unidentified object appeared
End times had arrived, it was perfectly clear!

Some folks wondered and therefore would delve,
“Why are you here now, instead of 2012?”

A creature made slowly his way to the pack.
“I once phoned home, but now I am back.”

“Upon a time once, I loved Reese’s Pieces on the silver screen,”
“Now I’ve brought bags of them back to save Halloween.”

“Television ads no longer beckon chocolate to lip,
So this year’s Halloween has corporate sponsorship.”

“Spielberg stills has rights to my work as E.T.,
although I can still appear as a version of me.”

Our short hero dropped candy to all the young gents,
milk chocolate without milk for lactose intolerance.

Young ladies received treats with specific instruction,
“made safely in the rainforest without any destruction.”

A politically correct, squeaky-clean Halloween,
was what was perpetrated upon these pre-teens.

After all that exposure to the great outdoors,
It was anti-bacterial soap then non-hydrogenated s’mores.

A Halloween crisis was averted with sweets shaped quite pearly,
though not with sugarplums which arrived two holidays early.

A spaceman from beyond saved all hallow’s eve, though his film career was done, save for some indie’s.

It made him sad to leave the earth as his spacecraft reach take-off, “I’ll have no gas for a return trip, alas I invested with Madoff.”

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