Project Gingerbread House

I would probably agree to celebrate Christmas on a monthly basis except for the fact it is a birthday and those come but once a year. I think most people feel the Christmas season begins this week-end so lets kick-start the holidays with a project. This is project gingerbread house.

I built my first gingerbread house a few weeks ago. It was more like a children’s project as I kept it very simple. The gingerbread was actually graham crackers and I purchased pre-made icing that came in a container that looked like a glue bottle. I also used candy that was sorted by color to keep it easy but you could save money by sorting the colors yourself. . I do plan on more involved gingerbread construction prior to Christmas but I wanted to try swimming about a small pond before taking an ocean plunge.

I kept construction simple. I laid out a rectangular perimeter of the house in icing on a plate and allowed the icing to firm up. I then made a box with the graham crackers for the walls of the gingerbread house by pressing each piece into the icing on the plate. I also piped a little icing along the top of the walls for the roof to rest against. After each phase of construction, I would place the house in the refrigerator to firm up prior to adding more material or decoration. I would have to say that the end product looked like what any eight year-old could accomplish, however I find great beauty in simplicity. If you would like guidance on a more detailed model, ask grandma.

There was something lovely about building a gingerbread house. I believe that Christmas is simply the birth of Jesus however I now understand when people talk of the mystery of Christmas. When I was young, I always looked at gingerbread houses and wondered what wonderful things were happening behind the windows lit with yellow icing. I wondered of how the people who inhabited this lovely, sweet and tasty home would celebrate their Christmas. It was all a mystery that intrigued me to become even more interested in Christmas, which helped lead me to discover the true meaning of Christmas when I was older. This is truly a secular Christmas tradition with validity to say nothing of the time spent in construction with your child during this important holiday season.

This is a project that involves both young and old in Christmas, allows you as much creativity as you like plus beckons you to try again after you finish eating your work. You can take several days to make a really incredible structure or make your gingerbread house simple as I did. A gingerbread house is just graham cracker, icing, a little candy and some time It is, however, so much more.

(I’m posting early this week because of Thanksgiving so here isw this week’s Rural Reflections Radio also-GN)

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