Christmas letter to Dave

This is your annual Christmas letter and I hope you will open it
without too much expectation. I like low expectations, they are so
easy to satisfy; kind of like the gifts you get from a secret Santa.

I would like to have a few minutes with those who complain about not
having snow at Christmas. We will now have a white Christmas, bully
for you. I myself was happily wearing shorts for brief outdoor
jaunts right up until the whole world went white then froze. It is
supposed to hit 24 below tonight with enough wind chill to convince
even the most hardy not to walk northwest. I could have enjoyed
Christmas above freezing.

I know children will wait for Santa; however my Saint Nick arrives
this next morning. There is no gift greater to me than a semi-tractor
load of beat pulp to feed the cattle. It looks like oatmeal and
smells sweet without being cloying. The cattle absolutely lose their
minds when they see a truck full coming down the road; it is their
cat nip. Troy Pribyl is a skinny Santa but drives the sleigh that
brings this lovely mash that makes me seem benevolent towards my
cattle and causes them to drool.

The last time we spoke, you had just removed the basement concrete
floor from your home in Carrington, North Dakota. Most people splurge
during the holidays on vacations or fancy cars, however we Nelsons
splurge on concrete. I suspect the concrete will bring more happiness
than a Caribbean cruise.

I recently did a little public speaking, Dave. Public speaking isn’t
the death most people think it is; especially if you have a nice
audience. I spoke in front of the women of Trinity Church. They were
so nice to me, fed me very well and I think they enjoyed my
presentation on Christmas. I can’t say how professional I am, however
I would never blink when it comes to my sincerity on the subject. It
put me in the Christmas spirit and I also got a good recipe for the
cabbage salad that was part of the evening’s meal.

I think most of our area harvests now lie in bins and elevators.
There was much worry until a peaceable November came along and gave
area farmers the chance to finish up their work. I think we combined
our corn last year on December 16th by floating the header of a
combine along the top of the snow drifts. We have no where near the
snowfall this year however have way more cold than last year. We
could use a little snow to insulate the ground and all of the water
pipe it contains, always a concern.

It will be nice to see you and your family at Christmas, Dave. I hope
you have a wonderful season and can enjoy a little quiet time
standing on your new basement floor.

Your little bro’

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