Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I am happy to announce that I have joined a very exclusive club, Dave. It is a group of people that I was among once for a brief time but whose company I have not enjoyed for a couple of years, more on that later.

I have not watched the Minnesota Vikings play football for about 20 years. I think I went-off Vikings football as a result of cliffhanger losses and lack of a quarterback worthy of the shadow cast by Fran Tarkenton. Brett Favre entered the picture last fall, a quarterback who casts his own very large shadow. I got into Viking’s football this season and got emotionally involved and so was crushed by the New Orleans defeat of the Vikings in the National Football Conference championship. This was a game that could have been won with fewer fumbles and if the Viking’s offensive line had protected Favre. Thank goodness that Carrington, North Dakota native Jim Kleinsasser displayed some Midwestern toughness and helped give Favre a little margin of safety. I believe Kleinssaser played high school football with your son, Ryan, didn’t he? Our nephew, Jamie, and I watched the game at a local bar. We still have a few pipeline workers here from the recent project who’ve yet to go home so we could actually hear real Saint fans’ feedback each time their team failed to make a mistake. One Saint fan even enlightened us about football which explained…absolutely nothing.

My corn vacuum system is now in place. I can vacuum corn from an outdoor storage tank into our house and then burn it either of two corn stoves. This is a fairly elaborate system that guarantees me more chair time and less time spent carrying pails of corn. The crazy thing about this system is that it actually works and has been more than just a “learning experience.“ I have bored Lisa, everyone at work and even my readers with my obsession over our corn burning system and so today was your turn. I will now snap the rubber band on my wrist to break me away from this train of thought and move on.

Let’s get back to that exclusive club, Dave. I love my Belarus tractors but they sometimes lack the little extras, such as heat. Although I enjoyed a warm cab for maybe a week several years ago, my tractor quit heating soon after it began. At least I am out of the wind when I feed cattle and that seemed good enough. This week I was blowing snow when I noticed some tingling in my frozen feet; they were thawing which never occurs. I felt the air outlets in my cab and there was heat, quite a lot actually. I have now joined thousands of people who enjoy CAH (cab, air, heat) and plan to enjoy my membership right up to the point they show me the door back out into the cold.

I hope life in Carrington is good and you’ll have to let me know when you are finished remodeling. That way we can safely visit you and I won’t feel bad that I was unable fulfill my promise to help you pound nails.

Your little bro’

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