Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I am never more susceptible to illness than during the changes of season; today I am sick. I can suffer through thirty below temperatures and hip-deep snow but give me one week of thawing and I will get sick. I am writing this letter with one blanket wrapped around my legs and another over my head and shoulders which makes me appear as a cone-shaped Bedouin. You might want to pour some hand sanitizer on this letter prior to reading it.

I’m not sure I have my mind wrapped around the spring thaw yet. We started winter with plenty of ground moisture, the water content of the snow received was pretty high and then spring came along and melted our snow quickly, yet there seems to be less flooding than last year. Maybe all the preparation and flood mitigation is working, however it seems like it was a perfect situation for spring flooding. The culverts opened quickly so much of our cropland has already drained. It’s funny, but even the rivers have gone done and there isn’t the constant din of “Peabody-award winning” coverage of the flooding on local television.

Last week I wrote about a gate crossing I built for my four wheeler. There is nothing like a woodworking project to find out who reads my column. I have had several people stop and ask questions about the crossing and how it was built. Anyway, I left my four wheeler parked on the crossing for the last week so it seems to be build tough enough for my purposes. I could probably build these for resale however I would lose money because of my overzealous use of ten dollar per pound torx-head screws.

How’s the remodeling project going, Dave. I know you and Mary have done an amazing amount of work on your home in Carrington, North Dakota and are both probably ready for it to be done. We are Nelsons, however and would be lost like retired oxen if we had no projects. I’m sure after you are done “re-imagining” your home you will probably find something else to change. We are finishing up a few things around here and I am already worried about finding replacement tasks.

I purchased a new vehicle, Dave. I look a little creepy behind the steering wheel as my new ride is a van. One man, driving a van, reminds me of scenes from the “Silence of the Lambs,” or other equally unsettling images involving lonely roads, hitch-hikers and a lone gunman. I stopped to get coffee this week and as I removed my amber shooters glasses and stepped from the van, a young person seated alone in the car next to me locked her car door. I drive a van because it is all wheel drive, there are no reasons any more sinister than mobility for my ownership. Everyone can just relax.

I hope next time we speak it will be spring planting, that would be a nice reward for a hard winter. Until then bid the wife and kinder hello

Your little bro’

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