I want to ride my bicycle

I enjoyed bicycling as a young man. It was nice to slip out of the heat and get a little breeze; even if that breeze required some pedaling to create. I decided this year I want to ride my bicycle.

I bought a new bike several years ago. It is still new. The problem was that I purchased my first four wheeler the same year as I purchased the bike. The friendship with a four-wheeler is much easier than the effort required to chum with a bicycle. Hence, the bike sat in the garage with little use.

My main problem with riding a bicycle is that the seat is painful. It isn’t sudden pain but a more subtle numbing sensation that makes one uncertain of your own gender until blood returns to points located centrally. Lisa suggested a different seat, which I may try, but in the short term I think I will just try to balance most of my weight on the pedals.

Safety is always a concern but I believe I have thought it through. Lately, there has been a large suv that drives by our home fast and recklessly. This vehicle almost forced my wife off the road one day so I believe it will be the focus for most of my safety concerns. I believe most bicyclists wear a helmet and pads but I would like something a bit more proactive method to ensure my own safety; perhaps I can find something in the latest issue of “Guns &Ammo.“ I hear motorcycle gangs employ some interesting methods for protection from vehicles so perhaps I will give them a whirl also.

I plan to start with a ride around the block which for me means four miles-the distance around a section of land. I rode from Viking to Newfolden and back when I was young plus played baseball the same day so four miles should be pretty easy. I noticed that one of my tool and hardware magazines now sells a kit to electrify any bicycle. This really appeals to my need for gadgetry, however it seems to defeat the purpose of human-powered transportation. It is a fantastic way to spend money but not a fantastic way to spend calories which is another benefit I seek.

My hopes for the bicycle and I is a better relationship. I also hope to enjoy the benefits of peace and health derived from bike riding. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “ Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving.” That sounds like just the kind of enlightened, heady experience I am looking for-that and not becoming one of those signs you see along the road.

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