Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

After one full week of sunshine, I am drunk on vitamin D. We have lived under the pressure of low barometric readings for so long that I’ve lost half an inch of height. It feels so good to have a little light and to miss out on some of the rain.

Dry and sunshine means it’s time to hay. This is about the time when people who want really high-quality hay are cutting their second crop yet there is still lots of first crop yet to be baled. Lyle Swanson came over last week and cut our hay and it was so thick that it was tough to even get it through the machine. I think Lyle is tired of me teasing him so I won’t mention how he got stuck with his tractor. I finished stacking the last of it on Wednesday and should have it all hauled by this week-end. This will seem impossible but, even by conservative estimates, I harvested over four tons per acre. Rain is funny in that what may ruin one person’s crops will make other fields produce high tonnage. I guess that’s more ironic than funny-especially if you planted lots of row crop like beans. The wheat looks great and I’ve even had one fellow tell me that they plan to swath next week so maybe we’re on the right track.

I have been trading emails with our cousin, Sheila Winstead from Roseau, Minnesota. She told me she likes to read about my projects and that her son, Vince, has a website called getupanddiy.com which you may find interesting. I plan to post some of my projects to his site this week-end. Sheila has our DNA for projects and has spent the last two summers building a beautiful rock garden on the property that she and husband Bob own. Lately, Sheila has spent much of her life bent over with her back to the highway laying rock on a very steep incline. I joked with Sheila that Minnesotans are the only people who will work hard all their life so that they may work even harder in retirement.

I hope Carrington and you are both doing well. We were sorry to miss a trip to see you guys for Erin’s wedding but it couldn’t be helped; I hope she and Jeff had a great day. I spent that week-end trying to keep our basement dry which ended in a quick trip to town to purchase a new sump pump at seven minutes before the store closed late Saturday afternoon.

We gave dad a cat kennel for Father’s Day, Dave. I mention this as conversation to you but also as advice for those who are looking over our shoulders at this letter. Our local animal shelter is overflowing with cats whose owners who have failed in their responsibilities. Cats in town should be kept inside, however a small cat kennel can allow them outdoors yet keep them safe. We purchased one at Walmart but one could easily be made from wood or pvc and some screen. Hmm, “Project Cat Kennel?” We’ll see what happens next month, meanwhile enjoy the pictures of Sheila’s new garden.
You’re little bro




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