A Good Story

I like a good story, particularly when it involves animals. I never watched the Walt Disney animal movies, even though the stories were good, because animals always died (Old Yeller, Bambi) or were separated from their family (Dumbo.) This is a happy animal story, Walt Disney has been gone a long time.

It was raining Tuesday morning which meant little to those working indoors but created a problem for a small, orange kitten living in the outdoors. Storm water drains have a grill plus a slot cut into the curb which creates an overhang, which is where the kitten sought shelter from the storm then fell the full distance to the bottom of the drain.

It does not take a village to raise a kitten-it takes good owners. It does, however, take a village of people to make up for careless pet ownership and fortunately that village was available Tuesday morning. Two concerned citizens heard the little cries from far below the pavement and called the Sheriff’s Office. An officer from the Police Department was dispatched along with a truck from the utilities department and the kitten was quickly located but a rescue was impossible as he was hiding inside a 12 inch storm pipe. Pet ownership is like parenting, if you don’t do a good job it seems no amount of government resources can make things better.

One of the neighbor’s in the Riverside Avenue area had been watching the scene that morning and walked over to help. He even climbed down into the storm drain and brought some food to entice the little kitten from it’s concrete shelter. After the city vehicle’s left, this good Samaritan went back to his house for some extra help-his own cat. The rescue cat was able to coax the little kitten out into the open after which he was removed and taken by the Police to the Pennington County Humane Society. I stopped by the society on Wednesday and he was doing fine and living with a sibling who had been found in the same area.

Okay, let’s break this down. Cats in town should not be allowed to stray; they get lost, breed more homeless cats and fall down storm drains. Pet ownership is a responsibility and those who fail to recognize that fact should maybe try a plant or collect dryer lint as a hobby. More happily, Thief River Falls, Minnesota is a town where if a kitten falls into a storm drain the following happens; people notice and call for help, help arrives, a neighbor (and his rescue cat) volunteer to help, a rescue is completed and finally the kitten is transported to the oasis that is the Humane Society. It’s not only a good story, this is story about a good town.

I’m sure many will want to adopt the little orange orphan in the next few days. I suspect he will need to grow some before he is ready for a new, caring family. However, the Humane Society has several full-grown versions of the little kitten who are ready for adoption right now at 218-681-8045. Their love will enrich your life and change you as a person; that’s the start of a good story.

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