Saturday Night in Five Acts


Saturday Night in Five Acts

Act I The Politics of a Saturday Night

How Lisa and I decide Saturday Night activities is generally based on the 24 hours prior to and the the 24 hours that follow. Friday’s beer and cigarettes make for a Saturday with neither. If we are expected somewhere Sunday then we will be nowhere Saturday night. Our decisions are neither democratic nor autocratic, there are abundantly apparent to both and therefore require no vote.

Act II Red Lake Falls

Last Saturday we decided to visit nearby Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. Our last visit to Red Lake Falls was for a wedding and we happened upon another as we drove through town. The bride was beautiful and striking (Lisa’s words, not mine-I pretended not to notice) and her groom looked so young. I held my breath as the sight pressed my empathy button. Lisa and I both thought of how much is expected of a young married couple and how much they can expect from those around them. We could imagine the plans that lay ahead for the young couple; a honeymoon (Jamaica, of course,) a new unaffordable house, a baby which would result in the bride leaving her job to stay at home while the groom started a second job with its increased tension at home and pretty soon they would be in counseling. Life can be so complicated, we decided to let them have their night before reality arrived in the mail marked, “overdue.”

Act III Huot Park

My first visit to Huot Park just south of Dorothy, Minnesota came during a tractorcade several years ago. The park is beautiful and steeped in the history of hunting, trapping and the rendezvous. We drove through the park and back to what I believe is the actual Huot town site. Lovely, well-kept houses sat in the balcony to watch the show presented by the Red Lake River. There contrast of the river in relief to the green surroundings is so crisp and beautiful.

Act IV Huot Cemetery

We found Huot Cemetery just outside of the town site. I could tell it was old. We pulled off to the side of the road so I could look at the grave stones. These people died in 1895, 1902 and 1946. There was a single head-stone marking the southwest corner boundary of the cemetery all by itself; maybe a bachelor who never found someone to share a plot. It seemed sad. One of Lisa’s buddies said she had been to the cemetery when she was younger and still thought about how many babies expressed their families sorrow with a small parcel of disturbed ground and headstone. I was touched by the whole experience and when we arrived in Dorothy, I thought the mix of deserted buildings and residences seemed eerie. Dorothy is one of those towns that is so small and intimate that you should call before you pass through; we drove by at about seven that night and I felt like we were trespassing.

Act V Matt and Angie

The last time we were in Red Lake Falls was for Matt and Angie’s wedding in June. Last week, seeing the young couple arrive at their reception reminded me of the Bruggeman’s. Lisa and I could have visited them that night but they had recently moved and are now lake people;they wear sandals and shorts and plan pontoon trips. Matt tried to invite us tubing earlier this summer but I declined for the same reason I rarely fly for pleasure, neither procedure allows for reverse. I don’t show my feet to anyone but my wife and fear drowning so we will wait until the cold and snow of winter puts us all into the same frame of mind; a trip to the Island-the one in our kitchen.

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