Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

First off, tell Sara Pennington congratulations from Lisa and I; I hope she and Dean have a long and happy life. Although her name recently changed I will always consider her to be “pez Kraemer-bear.”

My life will now be dominated by talk of leaf canopies, root temperature and heat shutdowns; it is the annual sugar beet harvest. It is hard to talk in glowing terms of the romance of joining together in the Nation’s most intense harvest when I consider I have to awake this morning at two. I have already planned about one-half hour of coffee drinking time prior to leaving for Warren so hopefully that will kick me into gear.

We had about 3 ½ inches of rain last week which made things seem grim however I have already observed combines harvesting soybeans, Dave. Our weather seems very unpredictable; we’ve yet to have a hard frost and next week it will be more than warm enough to shut down the beet harvest. I remember the rules about weather that I learned when I was growing up and they were almost always correct. Today those same rules seem as ancient and irrelevant as caveman drawings on a wall.

A man without projects is, empty. I have been feeding regularly this year and I recently installed a large slider door in our garage. I first talked myself through cutting a hole in the side of the wall which seemed almost sacrilege. Little of the wall fell on my head during the process and I also built a door that slides open and closed quite nicely. I would like to say that accomplishing a project like this makes me more confident, however I think that I would doubt myself if given the same task again. I guess my need for projects is a need to constantly prove myself, to myself.

Lisa and I have been offered a dog, Dave. The dog’s name is Bella and she likes cats-not their taste, but rather their company. We haven’t had a dog since Muffin died so maybe it’s time for another one; Bella Rehder has a real chance of becoming Bella Nelson. Lisa and Bella have yet to meet however she greets me each day that I arrive at R and R Farms to help with the harvest. I love dogs but I know our cat Twitch will be jealous as he likes being the Sun to our Galaxy. Maybe all that adoption/foster care training will come to some use if we decide to enlarge our family.

This is a short letter as I have to finish up a task. Scott Beito is stopping by to vacuum out our septic tank so I have a little shovel work to accomplish prior to his arrival. Nothing gets me excited like outdoor plumbing so I must find my trencher and apply it liberally to that perennially green and warm spot on our lawn.. At least it is a project.

Your little bro’

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