Daylight Saving Time ended recently which meant I needed to fall back
one hour on my watch. I am like my dad in that changing the time on a
digital watch is beyond my talents; a monkey
throwing my watch at a wall would have more success changing the time
than I would. This year I relieved myself of the task of
re-setting the time by throwing the watch at the same wall which I
typically throw my cell phone at when it doesn’t work. The watch is
covered with paint and the band is ready to break anyway so I felt
in aiming for, and actually connecting with(I usually miss to the
right,) the garbage can.

I do have a watch with a traditional movement. It was a gift from
Lisa so I only wear it for special occasions. My everyday watch sits
now in a landfill so I need a replacement. I’ve considered purchasing
two watches and paying a monkey to throw them at a wall until one is
set to standard and one to daylight saving time.

A young man has several firsts; first knife, first compass, first gun,
first kiss and his first watch. My first watch was a model that my
dad owned which hadn’t work for some time. Dad brought the watch
for repair to Elroy Jensen who was a jeweler watchmaker near Viking
and kept most of that area on time. I wanted to wear that watch so
bad and pestered my dad daily to see if it was ready. The watch was a
with phosphorescent numerals and hands. I developed a relationship
with the watch as it required regular winding to work. I started with
a twist band and then went to a thick leather band with two buckles
then back to a twist band but the watch stayed the same. I loved that
old watch but I think it finally quit although it did not meet the
same fate as my digital did at the bottom of a waste canister. I
think all that winding gave me an emotional investment that doesn’t
develop from the occasional battery swap.

A man without a watch is not much-he’s certainly not on time. I’ve
searched for a watch with a mechanical movement that also includes a
stopwatch but they are not plentiful. It’s too bad I don’t need
something in a watch that is waterproof to 100 meters because those
models abound from security boxes on every shelf. If time is what
which we covet and that which limits our time on earth then maybe I
don’t need to know what time it is, maybe it is not for me to know.
Or maybe I just need a good Timex with phosphorescent numbers, a
twist band and a little time on Elroy Jensen’s repair bench.

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