Christmas Letter to Dave

(I have left a little bonus at the bottom of the page-GN) 

Merry Christmas Dave,

I ordered a part on the phone today, Dave. I hesitated to wish the person on the other end of the phone a Merry Christmas. I wasn’t worried that the person would take offense because the only people who claim to take offense at something as innocuous as a sincere Christmas wish are those who seek to call attention to themselves or their own vested interests (kind of like the whole University of North Dakota logo fiasco.) Rather, I was worried that the salesman on the other end of the line was being “monitored for quality assurance” and would get in trouble for returning my greeting. I may be paranoid in my thoughts but that doesn’t mean I am wrong. I will wish the same person Merry Christmas when I call them back later; damn the politically correct.

I know some Christmas traditions may have occurred as a result of blending different religions, however these compromises are insignificant in comparison to the good of helping people join in the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. I laugh when someone triumphantly proclaims that December 25th may not be the actual date of Jesus’ birth. They sound like a child who’s pulled the beard from a department store Santa Claus; it fulfills their need to feel powerful. Santa isn’t meant to be a real person, he is there to symbolize the spirit of giving. Jesus was a real person and it isn’t the date of his birth that we celebrate, it is the fact that Jesus was born and for what purpose he was born that we celebrate. I feel the date is just a day to remind us that Jesus was a tangible expression of God’s love.

Lisa and I made Christmas Kolache last week, Dave. Lisa considers the kitchen to be her territory and rightly so. I do like to bake and cook a little and typically I can feel her eyes on me as she watches my every move. A sous chef is second in-command of the kitchen. Since the Kolache was mom’s recipe, I got to be the head baker and Lisa was my sous chef. I reminded her that she was sous chef for a day several times that Sunday afternoon. I think she was okay with it but this chain of command will not occur again until next time we bake Kolache.

I received a kill-a-watt meter from Lisa for my birthday, Dave. These little units let you know exactly how much electricity an appliance uses and its cost. I had wanted one for quite awhile to measure how much electricity we use to heat the new pump house I built for us a year ago. Our heat bill so far for the year has been a little under $20, Dave. I used 2X6 construction and a deep freeze door for an entrance and I guess the effort paid off in lower heating bills. I love it when a plan works out.

I know you have been receiving a lot of snow at your home in Carrington, North Dakota. I felt so sorry for you as I drifted off to sleep Monday night. I should have saved the pity for myself as we must have received seven or eight inches by morning. I spent the whole day pushing snow, roof-raking, bedding and feeding hay. Fortunately we had a few Kolache left which sustained me in this time of need. After all of that work, I slept like a baby Tuesday night, I even wet the bed.

Sara and Erin were married this year so I’m sure your Christmas celebration is that much fuller this year. Congratulations and Merry Christmas.

You’re little bro’

My Uncle, Larry Wold from Detroit Lakes, sent us this little Christmas video; funny and touching, not what you’d expect. Just a little bonus for you.

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