Woofstock; in five acts

Act I The Contract

When man domesticated certain animals, he became part of a contract.
This contract states that by taming certain wild animals, man removed
their ability to care for themselves and therefore became their
caretaker. Previous generations defined themselves by their
responsibilities however today some see responsibility as a yoke and
not a crown. When you see a habitually stray cat or dog, you are
seeing the failure of a human owner and the results of a person who
cares not for responsibility. It is a broken contract.

Act II Safe Harbor

Animals lost to human indifference find safety at the Pennington
County Humane Society in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Here pets get shelter, care, food and love-then hopefully new owners. It makes me happy to see dozens of people come
to adopt the pets who are victims of high-profile animal abuse as
reported in the media. These animals have such engaging stories
however you should know that the animals you’ve never read about in a
newspaper also have stories that await a happy ending-adoption.

Act III Woofstock

“Woofstock” comes to the Eagles Club in Thief River Falls March 19th. This special day
serves to benefit the animals of the Humane Society and features a
bake sale, free-will burger meal, silent auction, a raffle and more.
You can also purchase identification tags for your pet that day. The
Pennington County Humane Society has recently incurred unexpected
expenses because of a huge influx of dogs and “Woofstock” is a fun
way to show your support of this great organization.

Act IV My Part

I plan to attend “Woofstock.” I will be selling my book “Rural
Reflections” and signing it during the event. This book is a collection of
columns I’ve chosen from 2000-2006 which I felt were my best from
time of writing for the Grand Forks Herald. The price for each book will be ten dollars and ALL money will go to benefit animals. I have a couple of hundred books left so
if I sell all of them, then approximately $2000 dollars will go to
benefit pets. Now I have the books to sell, I just need people to buy
them. I have the product to sell to benefit pets, I just need
buyers-that’s where you come into the scene. It’s all on you, cowboy;
so plan to attend “Woofstock.” You may also email me at
grantnelson@gvtel.com and I will get a book into your hands ($2 postage) if you
cannot attend March 19th.

Act V A second beneficiary

Lisa and I recently saw a story on pet oxygen masks. These masks are
now used by fire departments across the United States in the rescue
of pets who are victims of structure fires. These masks have standard
hook-ups that seamlessly work with oxygen equipment already on board
the fire truck. The kit features one oxygen mask for cats, one for
small dogs and one for larges dogs and costs about $80 with shipping.
Part of sales of my book during “Woofstock” will go towards purchase
of these masks for local fire departments. The Humane society will
handle the money and disperse the funds. If you would like to see
more about rescue oxygen masks for pets please check out
www.petoxygenmask.blogspot.com then join me at Woofstock on March

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