Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It has been two weeks of repair and replacement. The winter takes a toll on not only humans but the equipment we use to survive the
season. I find that most of our equipment is best repaired by others
in that I most often break whatever item I use to make the repair; a zero-sum deal. I always hear people speak of “non-destructive
testing,” it must be a myth-I cannot imagine such a thing.

I heard our nephew, Jamie stopped in Carrington for dinner on his way
to the North Dakota Winter Shows; sounds like a good trip. I still
plan to meet you for breakfast yet this spring. I hope we can visit
some of the Real-Time Kinetic gps towers that have been set-up for
the farmers out there. I remember the odd people we met on top of the
hill, where some antennas are set, last time I was there and so will
bring my camera.

Dave, you and I grew up in the country and we drove rear wheel drive
cars all winter long. I think this fact inoculated us from fear of
winter driving. Lisa and I were comparing notes and we were surprised at how often we drive on roads we feel are quite passable only to hear horror stories from others about the “awful” roads upon which we’ve just driven. Driving in the winter is like swinging tree to tree on a vine; you don’t let one go until you grasp the next. What I mean is I find a target (sign, yellow line, white line or shoulder of road) to guide me along until I can find another target to guide me. If I can’t find a target I slow down or stop until the wind dies down and another target presents itself. I cannot remember the roads and streets ever being more clear and drivable; happily some highway departments are still coming in under budget. I think complaining about winter driving in Minnesota is similar to residing in Hawaii and complaining about all that “awful” beach sand.

I am about chest high into my letter to you, Dave, and have yet to
mention Charlie Sheen. The movie “Broadcast News” predicted that
network news would eventually dumb itself down to a point where it would be like “Entertainment Tonight” or any of the other
Hollywood-oriented television shows. It seems even some local
television (we still enjoy WDAZ) now feeds us this pablum as they treat characters like Sheen and Lindsey Lohan as actual news. I’ve also noticed some television news anchors now comment on the news stories and give their own opinions the same deep reverence normally reserved for news of fire or accident. If there was ever a case to support your local newspaper, then the dilution of the authority of television news is it. It is sometimes like sitting down to a nice steak meal only to find you are being served jello with fake whipped cream.

Tell everyone hello and watch for my arrival when spring arrives as
the roads are just too “awful” for travel right now.

You’re little bro’

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