A few months ago, I used a “bullet” format in which my column
consisted of several topics which were unrelated. It came as a result
of one of my favorite phrases “just gimme the bullets” which I use
when I want the facts of a situation without embellishment or
storytelling. This week I have reloaded.

Bullet One

The word “amazing” may be destined for the language scrap heap.
Amazing was once reserved for actions or characteristics that were
truly-amazing. It seems now that it has become a word most often used
by reality show contestants to describe their fellow competitors
prior to voting them off the show. These long soliloquy’s usually
include some flattering words or phrases that describe fellow
contestants as “strong” or “fierce” followed by the obligatory
“amazing” then the coup de grace of a vote off the island, campus,

Bullet Two

Woofstock is Saturday from 11 am until 3 pm at the Eagle’s Club in
Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Woofstock exists to benefit the Pennington County Humane Society. They’ve planned a huge silent auction, free-will meal and more to benefit the pets that need their help. I will be there
with a few boxes of my book and all sales during Woofstock go
completely to the Humane Society. I’ve received much joy and
companionship from animals so I would like to pay some back. Lisa and
I treat our cats Laine, Twitch and Magoo like children; it makes no
matter that they aren’t human. I don’t believe you love something
based on its species, you love something based on your own capacity
to love.

Bullet Three

What goes up as it goes down? A see-saw, of course; I got your back,

Bullet Four

In the 1972 movie, “Jeremiah Johnson,” a common phrase was, “keep
your top knot dry.” This phrase refers to the last knot that holds
the other knots together. If this knot is lost then everything falls
apart. It is a metaphor to keep your head about you so you are able
to make good decisions in bad circumstances. The heavy snow pack is
now melting which makes people nervous about flooding. I think some
of this fear rubs off on us as it is a news topic worth
covering-sometimes with a little too much drama. Absorb the
information and helpful instruction about any flooding but resist the
drama, be safe and keep your top knot dry.

Bullet Five

I believe our country will soon come out of our crisis of economy and
confidence better than ever-harder and stronger. However, we need to
change our society or larger, more systemic problems will occur in
the future. Families can no longer demand that our school system
raise their children then blame them when they fail to do so. Parents
must roll up their sleeves and do the work of love, discipline,
religious education and teaching responsibility or else future able
minds and bodies will be housed in jails or nursed by our welfare
system. Our schools can no longer be institutions that place emphasis
on “self-worth” instead of hard work (and good grades) or we will become lazy, unmotivated and stupid. We need to improve from our very base, to do
otherwise means all else will fall apart. If you think these things
are tough; then go ask a person born prior to World War Two and they
will tell you about tough. They made this country what it is; I hope
they can see all of us improve upon it their time.

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