Fallin’; in Five Acts

Fallin’…; in Five Acts

Act I And so it begins

Lisa and I were introduced by our common friend, Nancy Thompson. I have told you about the life Lisa and I live at length in this column. The point of this act is that Nancy did something very nice for both of us when she brokered our meeting. It was now our
responsibility to pass along a considered and careful meeting to two
other people.

Act II Adam

Adam Tongen is a co-worker and friend. He and I hit it off right away in that we both like to write and enjoy a good movie. Adam reads voraciously (I’m not a reader, right Adam?) and has recently become quite a woodworker, a hobby I’m sure he’ll pursue until he has lost the balance of his fingers. Lisa liked Adam too; he was talkative, engaging and kind-his personality equal parts self-assured and awkwardly nervous.

Act III Eve (kidding-it’s Ana)

Ana is my little sister, except for the fact we share no genetic
material. I met Ana through our friendship with her mother, Teresa. Ana is a real sweetheart, but also fairly stubborn. She’s thrifty, fun, adventurous and one you need to really set the hook on and reel in when given the opportunity. Ana enjoys theater and drama so we knew that Adam and she would have that in common; relationships have begun with much less and found great success.

Act IV Paying it back, Finally

Lisa and I had long whispered about charting a course in which Ana
and Adam intersect. We were beneficiaries of such machinations and wanted to pay back the romantic world. We felt a large group of
people would make for a nice first meeting without pressure for
either of the two protagonists. The problem was that when I work,
Adam was off and vice-verse. We finally worked it out and the two met at our house. The story of their first meeting belongs to them, but I think they liked each other from the start. Lisa and I had done a good thing.

Act V The goat

I told Ana’s mother that, if Ana and Adam ever became engaged, then Lisa and I should get some sort of finders fee. I believe such fee in ancient cultures would be paid in the form of woven textiles, beads or perhaps a goat. We first discussed this topic at Mother Walseth’s during happy hour and my suggestion was more metaphorical in nature and I really want nor need woven textiles, beads or (for crying out loud) a goat. Teresa could smell eventual commitment in the air and has been terrorizing me lately with questions about what color and breed of goat would I prefer if Adam and Ana became Mr and Mrs. I told her that I would prefer a stuffed goat, like the kind you win from a vending machine. Recently Adam delivered news of a merger and asked me to participate as a groomsman. I love the idea of being apart of their impending wedding; I just don’t want to be a shepherd.

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