Time Well Spent

(I posted this late because of computer modem problems, my apologies-GN)


Time Well Spent

I am now middle-aged and have fully engaged with the idea of my own mortality. Having reached this point, I question how best to spend my time left on earth. This week I answer my own question.

First off, I am not spending time trying to earn my way into heaven as that is a gift and can only be attained through that very realization. I am trying to spend my time well; to be a good steward.

I’ve spent much of my adult life being productive, which is very rewarding. I take pride in a well-built fence or a household project which has reached successful completion. The danger here is to use your time for only work and turn your back on relationships.

I think public service is a good way to spend time. I think people believe that public service is something they do for others but it actually does more for those who perform the act. Anytime I perform a small act to benefit animals it makes me feel really good. I focus on animals because I’ve gained so much from spending time in their company.

A person needs recreation lest they run they chance of becoming a dull boy/girl. My most enjoyable times are not spent at our lake house (which we will never have,) on some sandy beach drinking pina coladas (hate sand/like beer,) nor on a cruise to exotic ports (I can’t swim.) My best times are at home with Lisa.

Once a week, Lisa and I go to the Island, the island in our kitchen. There is something so nice and intimate about being alone, seated across from each other, just sharing space. We also share space with the cats as they we lay newspapers down on the counter top so they can enjoy this time with us. Winter evening are best as Lisa and I watch the storms pass us by as we watch the flame of a corn stove over the others’ shoulder. We share our day and plans for the future and wait for supper to get ready. There is something so nice about cracking a few cold beers and knowing you are spending time with a woman who will not share this moment with anyone else. It is my best time.

I always hear about people who want to be remembered after they’re gone. They want to leave a legacy so their memory is not forgotten. We only celebrate the birth of two Presidents who left a tremendous legacy so I would say securing your legacy is not a good way to spend time. You will be remembered by those who you considered as family and few others; you just have to leave them something decent to remember.

Spending time well really has more to do with balance than the actual acts; so much of life is that way. A few moments spent with people you care about are worth more than hours spent in a vegetative state watching television. You just spent a few minutes of your time reading my column, I hope it was time well spent.

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