The Week in Review

This week I want to comment on a few current events. The first topic
is grim but the second will help end the column on a good note.

Osama Bin Laden was disposed of this past week which was a tremendous
accomplishment to the safety of the United States. Bin Laden was
unique in that he was not a crazy, foaming at the mouth, mindless
drone of a terrorist. He was educated, wealthy and a good planner; he
planned the three thousand deaths and accompanying destruction that
occurred in New york in 2001. He also had the contacts to raise any
money he didn’t have to create terror and death among Christians and
Muslims, even those in his host country of Pakistan. I have heard
some people worry that the United States is in even greater danger
because Bin Laden’s followers will try to exact revenge in the name
of the Al Qaeda leader. While this may have a bit of truth in the
short haul, the truth is that inspiration for hatred against America
goes deeper than the feeling members of Al Qaeda had for their
leader. These folks have twisted their very own faith into something
that allows them to kill others in the name of religion. They already
hate us because we are Christians and to back away from the task of
eliminating their leadership would only lead them to believe we are
weak Christians. Peace through acquiescence is slavery, I would
rather die fighting than live on my knees. Also, I have heard a few
celebrities and talking heads praising our national leadership for
writing Bin Laden’s final chapter, well forget that-thank the
soldiers who probably make less than you do for keeping you safe.

On a happier note was the marriage of Catherine Middleton and Prince
William, Duke of Cambridge. No marriage is greater than another,
however this marriage was seen across the world which allowed it to
inspire a greater number of people. It seems we are picking our way
through some dark times today and it is nice to see that love and the
human spirit persist. There is nothing like the courage of a young
couple, joining to make themselves stronger than the sum of their
parts, to make us believers. I watched the wedding which was grand in
scale but fairly simple in construction. It reminded me of any two
people who’ve decided to pursue life together and I felt elevated
after they’d rode away in their carriage together. I think the world
needs this kind of juice to make it through times that seem loveless
and empty. It may also be that my sentiment has come forward as we
are attending the wedding of our nephew Derek Walseth and Alison
Larson this week-end. These two hold a very warm place in our hearts
and brought Lisa and I much happiness when they announced their
intentions to wed. I suspect it will be a day that elevates and
reminds us of the day we were married.

That’s my take on the world. It’s been a good week.

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