A Wedding in five acts


Act I scene I The Protagonists

Lisa and I were introduced to Alison Larson just prior to our own
wedding. Alison felt like family from the start. Alison is smart,
kind, capable and strong; much like the women of her new family.
Alison would most likely would define herself with a sports
metaphor-preferably something to do with the Minnesota Twins. It is
said that a parent’s greatest joy is in the good character of their
child; Alison’s mother and father must smile a lot. We liked Alison
immediately-even before she became family.

Act I scene II The Protagonists

Derek Walseth was the nephew of Lisa Walseth until she and I married;
now he’s my nephew too. Lisa and I often compare him to the character
of Jeff Bingham from the television series “Rules of Engagement.”
This character is something of a modern caveman however he is also
the coolest caveman you’ll ever meet. Derek makes being himself look
effortless, which is because he is genuine. I liked Derek
immediately-even before we were family.

Act II The Ceremony

Alison and Derek married at Zion Lutheran Church. Alison beamed as
she and her father strolled down the aisle to meet Derek. I don’t
believe I have ever seen as consistently tall a wedding party in my
life. The ceremony was just right and had the usual outcome. Pastor
Golv spoke directly about marriage and gave specific instructions to
make marriage successful followed by the vows and lighting of the
unity candle. The brevity of ceremony and temperature of the church
made for an attentive and alert congregation.

Act III The Party

After the wedding, we stopped at the American Legion for some
pre-celebration before attending the reception at the Ralph Engelstad
Arena. We arrived at the Imperial Ballroom for a full meal which
slowed the lovely little beer-buzz I had coaxed from the afternoon.
It was a great meal after which the anticipation for the evenings
program was built with each chair and table removed from the dance
floor. The Best Man and Maid of Honor spoke for Derek and Alison in
ways that were both charming and witty. I think people are a bit more
sophisticated nowadays as I always remembered these speeches as
semi-legible ramblings forced upon unwilling orators. Mother Walseth
was in the thick of the dance floor and danced several times with one
of the groomsmen who, despite their difference in age, could
potentially become my new step-father in-law.

Act IV The Puppy Bowl

During the Super Bowl, the Animal Planet Channel presents something
called “the Puppy Bowl.” It is a miniature stadium with puppies
running around after a tiny football and is incredibly entertaining.
The first dancers on the dance floor Saturday night at the Imperial
Ballroom were many of the children in attendance. It was sweet,
clumsy, entertaining and set a nice tone for the evening and it
really reminded me of the Puppy Bowl.

Act V The announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you, for the first
time in this column, Mr and Mrs Derek Walseth-husband and wife.

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