Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

John Wayne once said “let’s get to the gettin’” in a movie of which
I’ve forgotten. My version of this quote is “don’t romance me, just
say what you’ve got to say.” I intend to do both this week.

I got my heart broke this week when I turned the water on for our
cattle. We have 1 ½ inch buried black plastic pipe which we use to
water the cattle. It is huge and protected from gophers by its very
size as a gopher should not be able to open its mouth wide enough to
bite the hose. Unfortunately, we have raised some sort of prehistoric
mammoth gophers who have not heard they lack the ability to destroy
black plastic pipe. If you consider how large the pipe is compared
with a gopher’s head, then biting this pipe is equivalent to a human
biting a bowling ball. I remember how cute the gopher was in “Caddy
Shack,” the reality is that a pocket gopher is neither cute nor can
he dance.

In the same vein, Darin Bertilrud from Greenbush came out to repair
our water line this week. Darin brought his plow and a couple of
shovels and we delved into the gopher’s lair and affected the repair.
It was not Darin’s first trip to our farm so I have gotten to know
him. I am sure we would work faster if we didn’t talk as much but the
mark of a good worker is that he/she makes work fun. A little talk
keeps us moving and I like Darin’s stories about fighting brush fire
up north. He said this spring was pretty slow for fire until our
recent warm-up after which people who play with matches seem to have
found fertile ground. I like Darin and it was a good visit-if for a
bad reason.

I considered recently if a spring spent in Minnesota is similar to
life in Ireland; rainy and cool-and depressing. Farm progress has
also been depressed until recently when we received our first
drop-shipment of sun and wind. Grain farmers in our area have been
active about the last week or so, although I did see a few out with
multi-weeders “scratchin’” prior to this week’s earnest activities. I
farm on such a small scale however I still occasionally worry about
completing my work. The cattle have been on pasture since May 5th so
I guess I’m doing the best I can without the benefits of steady

I hope things are going well in Carrington, Dave. I know you’ve
gotten kicked by Mother Nature even more than us this year so I hope
the fields are dry and farmers are busy. I would like to make a trip
to visit you at “Nelson West” however it seems the more clever I am
at lightening my workload, the more work I have to do. Which reminds
me, I need to haul manure and dig up the garden; I better “get to the

your little bro

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