Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,


The soft flame of spring wind is making us all ready for-Christmas. I just looked out the window and there is actual standing water on the the concrete blankets which I covered the drain field only two weeks ago. It doesn’t feel much like winter outside and it hard to believe Christmas is only a month away.


I’ve always covered our septic drain field with straw or hay, both are good insulation. However, spring clean up of the wet, heavy mess is tiresome work. Concrete blankets are used to help fresh concrete retain its heat during winter construction. I purchased several this summer and laid them on top of the drain field and septic tank, Dave. There are some blankets specifically made for drain fields, however most are so expensive that I believe I would rather let the drain system freeze than deal with their expense. These blankets at 6 feet by 25 feet and cost only $70 a piece. I know people who keep cisterns frost-free with a single layer of foam board so I believe these blankets will work as they are approximately the same R value as a single, one inch foam board. I rarely fail to start a letter to you without talking about waste removal and today I didn’t fail to please, Dave.


Anyway, I am so excited about black Friday. The reason I am so excited is that I will not be one of the people who attend this non-event. It seems to me just one more act of gluttony in a seven course meal that seeks to eat away at the true meaning of Christmas. I get such a kick out of people who insist that the meaning of Christmas is having “time with family.” Actually the decision to have children means you are going to have time for them year-round and not just holidays. Christmas is the birth of Jesus and should be celebrated as such, family and friends are excellent choices with whom to celebrate however they are not the focal point, Jesus’ birth is front and center-or at least should be such.


I like this time of year, Dave. I was talking with Travis at work one day and he put it best, “this is the time of year that forces you to finish your projects and not take on any more until spring.” It is so true, I think I work against myself in that as soon as one task is finished I frantically create the next like it was another vine to help me swing through the jungle. The ground will soon be frozen, caulking will not adhere, glue will freeze, nothing will grow and I will be unable to create another task to finish. I am always thankful for friends and family, maybe this year I will be thankful for winter-it is the end to the busy time.


Anyway Dave, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and if we see each other at Christmas, that will be nice.


Your little bro


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