A Matter of Faith


I see our country still has a problem with Christmas. Some schools call their Christmas programs “informances” while others institutions quickly cover their mouths in shame if they happen to include”Merry Christmas.” in their literature or advertising. This is a situation which needs to end.


We have Holidays throughout the year (Memorial Day, Independence Day, etc) however there is only one time of the year in which we gather (or mass) for Christ (get it? Christmas!) This Holiday is a gathering for Christ and is not similar to other Holidays in that it was not created to sell greeting cards or to celebrate a human accomplishment. It is a day set-aside to remember the birthday of Jesus Christ.


Let’s say the birth of a beloved family member was celebrated by you and your siblings in different ways but you all still celebrated it. Now let’s say your neighbor felt left out because they didn’t believe in celebrating birthdays and wanted to make sure you couldn’t celebrate either. The first thing they would do is make sure you couldn’t celebrate at any institution in which they had an interest and then they would strong-arm businesses into believing no one would purchase from the business if they happened to tell your family member “Happy birthday!” How would that make you feel? Next, these manipulative neighbors would begin to demand from their elected officials that they not allow any birthday parties for anyone. They would create laws that steal freedom instead of protecting freedom.


What is quite clear to me is that our country has got a pretty bad case of political correctness. “Political correctness” is a disease which causes institutions and groups of people to try to eliminate every difference among cultures or people so that no one is ever offended. Our country has been built upon a shared language, a shared belief in freedom but with acceptance and protection of different cultural and religious belief. The truth is that most people are not offended by the religious celebrations of another culture, however some people say it offends them, then threaten a lawsuit in order to eliminate these celebrations. Most of these people have no faith or religion and will use any argument to eliminate what is beyond their understanding. They believe in themselves instead of God and want the validation of law to prove themselves correct, at least in their own eyes. I would much rather share time with someone who has faith in a higher power, even if it’s different than mine, than with someone who has none at all. The politically correct have tried to make Christmas a battle between religions when in truth it is a battle between the faithful and the faithless. The faithful do not insist the faithless change however the opposite is not true. All faiths must stand up to both the manipulators and the manipulated or we will all one day worship Santa Claus and Jesus will be seen as a “quaint old tradition.”


Finally, I will speak for those who cannot. There are people who are not allowed to offer a Christmas salutation at work and dare not complain for fear of reprimand while others do so freely without any threat. Also I have noticed that some schools still offer a Christmas program instead of an “informance” and yet the ground which supports the school’s foundation has not yet opened up and swallowed the school. I wonder why in one state Christmas celebration protocols differ so greatly among these businesses and institutions which exist because of the purchases we make or the tax dollars we pay. Perhaps it is time for the majority of us who peacefully accept each others’ belief in God to remember it is not only the loud voices who need be heard. Perhaps it is a matter of faith. Merry Christmas.

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