Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

We got our rain after your fields took what they needed, plus a
little extra. It seems whatever rain crosses Carrington, North Dakota
ends up here, Dave. We’ve had a about two and a quarter inches of
rain since I wrote you a month ago. A little rain really changes your
perspective, it just makes things seems more lively. There is a lot
of corn around here this year and it seems to grow noticeably even
overnight. I also believe we will see a fair amount of combines the
middle of July or so harvesting the rapidly maturing small grains.

This has been the best of my last 17 years in residency for the
sighting of birds. I counted probably 15 gold finches just the other
night. We’ve also had a flicker, with the black bib and red poll,
hanging around recently. We have a good variety of birds and there’s
nothing like sitting on the porch and nursing a cup of coffee in the
morning or cold beer at night while birds of all variety act out
their lives. I think the high population has a lot to do with Lisa’s
flower selection and consistent bird food and water. We started
feeding a sunflower seed mix this summer from Fleet and I think it
made a difference; so many mixes rely on millet which the birds seem
to waste. Our bird waterer is ingenious in manufacture  It serves to
both water the birds and provide a bath, plus stores its own supply
of water. I have included a picture for you and those who might want
to purchase one for themselves. (here’s a link if you’re interested) http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=21965&cmpid=10csegb&ref=3312&subref=AA .

I work pretty hard to keep mosquitoes and flies at bay, Dave. We use
fly predators, a Manitoba fly trap, fly zapper and mosquito vacuum to
keep things nice. However, we recently have seen an insect that is
welcome, at least on an intellectual level. One night, Jeanette had
stopped by to join Lisa and I on the porch. We believed we were
watching a hummingbird in flight when we realized it just didn’t look
right. It actually looked a bit creepy. A quick online search
revealed it to be a moth, the Hummingbird Moth. It looked a like a
hummingbird but didn’t flap it wings nearly as fast and didn’t have
the crisp body outlines like actual hummingbirds. I kept telling Lisa
it was in her hair which creeped her out and kept me entertained.

I read a recent story about the decrease in area steak houses. Do you
remember the Hi-By, Dave? The Hi-By was so named because it was “By”
“Hi”ghway 59 in what is now the Twice but Nice building here in town.
I loved to play video games after we ate there and look at the
animated Hamms beer signs. Lisa and I both remembered how good the
vegetable tray was at a steakhouse, particularly the Third Base in
Brooks. The tray included pickled peppers, little ears of corn, a
variety of crackers and was a nice offering by itself. The steakhouse
occupied a time of dinner jackets for dad, white gloves for mom and a
Shirley Temple for the kids. Unfortunately they’re few and distant

I am going to spread some fescue and clover on one cattle paddock
after which I’ll let the beeves in to “hoof” the seed into the
ground. I hope it works as seed is a little spendy. Anyway, I better
let you go.

You’re little bro’

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