Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

Most county fairs have completed their run, vacation bible school has
begun and I just brought the first steers in for processing-summer is
over. Perhaps summer is not completely done, however it was taken a
turn and headed for the barn.

Dave, I hope harvest has gone well out in Carrington, North Dakota
and that the drought left something to harvest. We have received some
timely rain at home near St Hilaire, Minnesota but there is little margin for error right now. Small grains have largely been harvested but the corn and soybeans are
still in doubt. Anyone can talk about the weather, let’s try
something different.

Lisa and I have been watching the Olympics with some interest. There
has been such a focus this year on the athletes’ reaction to
receiving silver or bronze medals instead of gold. Often times, these
athletes are disappointed in their failure to win a gold medal and
the announcers are so surprised at their reaction. I like it when
people are a little disappointed when they aren’t number one. We live
in such a non-competitive, green participant ribbon sort of culture
that it’s good to see some people who still expect the best from
themselves. Honestly, our culture will not survive if we find comfort
in mediocrity. It’s good to have world-class athletes who remind us
that to strive for excellence is good work.

I had a quick adventure yesterday, Dave. I hauled some culverts from
Downer, Minnesota. I purchased the culverts from Randy Bjornson. I
arrived at eight that morning but Randy and I hit it off and talked
until ten. He is a small farmer who is playing in the rather large
coliseum of agriculture economics, like me. I ran down State Highway
9 which is kind of a forgotten as it sits in the shadow between
Highway 75 and 32. It was a nice drive and I saw some area of the
country I never see. Downer has an old potato warehouse which has
been converted to a bar and convenience store-rugged but unique. I
got coffee for a buck so it was all good to me.

No letter is complete without some farm talk. It is said there is
land for buying and land for selling-most of the fields I see lately
are made of selling land. It is for this reason that I always try to
get as much as I can from the land we already own. I recently opened
a lane through the woods and fenced in some trees for extra cattle
shade. I love building fence-it is a pleasure twice over, once to
build and once to view. In the interest of efficiency I have just
begun research on growing sprouts hydroponically. This sounds like an
expensive way to produce cattle food until you consider the price of
hay. Also the multiplication of a few pounds of barley seed by five
times in one week is reason enough to at least read a few pamphlets
and make some phone calls.

Times always passes quickly when I right you letters, Dave; and
today’s time has now passed.
Tell all hello.

You’re little bro’

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