I want my Christmas back

First off, I write about Christmas because I want to share my beliefs
with readers plus it is a good way to remind myself of what is
important about this Holiday. There is nothing that will reinforce
your own beliefs and ideas like writing them down or questioning why
they are important to you.

I like to enter Christmas intellectually and exit emotionally-today I
want to ask questions and explain my own thoughts. I do not
understand why the secular world will not allow us to celebrate
Christmas as the birth of Jesus in public institutions. The birth of
Jesus Christ is a documented and scholarly accepted event that
occurred about two thousand years ago-give or take. Even if you don’t
believe in Christianity, the cards would be stacked against you to
prove that Jesus was never born. If you want to tell me that December
25th is not the exact date of Jesus’ birth or that the date was
chosen so that Pagans would more easily transition to Christianity
then I would say, “so what?” George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
were not born on the same date yet we generally use President’s Day
as their collective birthday. It doesn’t mean that the men on our one
and five dollar bills never existed.

Another thing I do not understand is that when we have historical
fact to base Christmas upon, why do some chose to instead celebrate
the holiday as a myth? Santa Claus is not a real person and there are
no elves at the North Pole. Reindeer do not fly and Frosty the
Snowman originated from a song written in 1950. I always get a kick
out of people who want me to believe in the science of a THEORY of
how the world was created yet when presented with the accepted,
historical fact of Jesus’ birth, they decide that facts are only true
when they serve their own arguments. To cherry pick from accepted
fact in an effort to re-write history is a dangerous business and must
provide very cold comfort to those who undermine the true meaning of
Christmas. Perhaps these same people who insist that Christmas be
treated as secular fondue and shoved down our throats should learn
their Christmas carols by whistling in the dark. Yes, I am a
Christian but one using the very secular standards worshiped by the
Godless to justify what I know through faith.

If someone suggests that a small minority may be offended by the
presence of a factual Christmas then I would like to submit a few
things that I am offended by that occur in our public entities. Would
the acts I am offended by be given as much credence as those who
feign offense at the birth of a little boy who later died for our
sins. Also if this is a separation of church and state issue, then
shouldn’t the state be barred from regulating the church. If my faith
has to be muted by any arm of government (federal, state,
educational) while I am in their building then aren’t they exercising
state control of my practice of religious freedom? Am I always free
or am I only free when I am outside the control of the very
government I own.? 

I don’t say any of these things to protect God. He is strong and
needs nothing from me but my own belief. My concern is that we have
gone from a mostly religious Christmas to one that accepts worthwhile
secular Christmas traditions to a Christmas that bans anything having
to do with the birth of Jesus from public buildings or
celebrations-and in a very short time. Will the next step be
legislation against celebrating Christmas in any way not accepted by
our own governments? Would this same legislation be enforced by the
police? We saw this past year how even local government can bully the
people it serves when it forgets it is servant and not master. How
would you like the caliber of what we voted for this past November
telling you how you can worship or even who you can worship?

I want you to be happy at Christmas. I want you to know that God’s
message is one of love and salvation. You can use old traditions (yep
Santa and Frosty) as habits that draw your families together and
celebrate the birthday of Jesus. I also want you to know that you
cannot back away from this world and tell yourself that you will just
wait for heaven. God gave us the earth to manage in a way that would
please him and sustain us. A big part of that management is
remembering who is boss and celebrating his son’s birthday.

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