Christmas Letter to Dave

Merry Christmas Dave!

It feels so good to freely and openly wish you a Merry Christmas!
I’ve tried it at a few local stores and those who return the
salutation sometimes look as though they are being watched and repeat
the words quietly to me. I feel like I am a covert spy who is
whispering code words to a fellow Cold War comrade. Dave, I think all
public institutions should remember that the United States is slowly
becoming more and more Hispanic and these folks are Christian. What I
am saying is that school administrators, government officials and
others who control public policy may soon need to learn “Feliz
Navidad” as a matter of policy.

Lisa and I have a nice little advent calendar on the refrigerator,
Dave. The story of the birth of Jesus, the trip Mary and Joseph make
to Bethlehem and Angels announcing His birth to lowly shepherds is so
simply told because it it needs no embellishment. The simplicity of
the story makes it easy for all to understand this important
event-even a shepherd with no formal education. I think I spent three
dollars on the calendar and it is so much better than the stale
chocolate candy version. When I wrote this letter to you, the angel
was just telling the shepherds not to be fearful so that their hearts
and minds were clear and able to understand this very important birth
announcement. The calendar takes you through the story in such baby
steps but it is a nice way to slowly absorb the story and become
involved in the meaning of Christmas.

I shared my belief in the true meaning of Christmas with a colleague
this week, Dave. He called me “Scrooge.” This is a person who is
educated and has children but whose knee-jerk reaction to my belief
in Jesus’ birth, in opposition to a belief in rampant consumerism as
the meaning of Christmas, was to childishly call me a name. Perhaps
this immaturity of intellect is caused by a lack of spiritual
training; I hope what I said that day helped encouraged some personal
growth in both aspects. I always expect those with some proof of
education to understand Christmas on a deeper level. However the
truth is that without the vital strength of faith, even those singing
the loudest in church are just mouthing the words.

Anyway, Dave, we have had a good Christmas season. I know most want a
white Christmas however I am the one shoveling all that white so I am
enjoying winter’s drought. For the first time in twenty years, I have
no cattle to keep over the winter so the only beasts we have to care
for are the cats. Fortunately, they are exquisitely high-maintenance
and keep us busy. I love to watch them sit under the tree and hope
they feel a little Christmas spirit-they probably do better than
most. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dave.

Your little bro’

2 thoughts on “Christmas Letter to Dave

  1. This is wonderful Little Bro. I don’t know you but I am with you 100 percent. I’m saying “Merry Christmas” back to those who say to me, “Happy Holiday.” I told someone I will say “Merry Christmas” until Christmas is behind us and then I’ll switch to “Happy New Year.”
    I would like to know more about you. How can I do that???


    1. Hi Naomi,

      Thank-you for your nice comments. It does feel good to say Merry Christmas, doesn’t it!

      you probably don’t remember me but I used to write this same column for the old Yesteryears section in the Herald. Email me at I have always read your column. Always enjoyable!


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