The Cold War


It seems to me that winter would have no exciting news if we had no
cold or flu outbreaks of which to report. I long have suffered from
colds myself and have explored many different forms of prevention and
would like to share my hits and misses.

If you only read one more sentence then read this, get more sleep. I
have found no preventative as strong as a good night’s sleep. I have
spent most of my work life working shift work and so consistent sleep
was not always an easy achievement. A full night’s sleep has done so
much for my overall health and is the flagship in my war against the
cold. Second in importance is something to cover my neck, I use a
neck gaiter which is just a scarf with both ends sewn together. I
have been told a virus causes cold-not the wind and winter
temperatures. I can only surmise then that human exposure to frigid
weather reduces our ability to resist viral infection because when I
stay bundled, I stay healthy. Finally in what can only be seen as an
uneducated and non-commercial plug for over the counter medicine; I
would say the product ZI-Cam works for me. I understand that the
active ingredients in this product encase the cold virus so it cannot
multiply. It stops my cold however it also irritates my stomach; I
guess a person has to break some eggs to make a cake.

I tried flushing my nose with salt water some years ago. I understand
Dr. Oz still recommends this procedure however it never seemed to do
much for me. Perhaps it would have been more effective in conjunction
with my new habits. I got a fair amount of flow from one nostril to
the other but it never seemed to do much other than remind me of
swimming lessons at the Warren pool. It makes sense though, a virus
would typically enter through your nose and so mechanical removal of
the virus with saline solution is something that I may even revisit.
I do see the merit of hand-washing as a way to mechanically remove
viruses also but I really focus on not touching my face with the
hands that touch everything else. I took garlic tablets for a few
years but still had plenty of colds although I did notice a reduction
in my vampire problems.

Finally I want to talk about flu vaccinations. If you do not get the
flu you can avoid compromising your immune system. If you’ve seen
something on the internet that tells you to avoid vaccinations,
please consider the source. I rely on my mechanic for mechanical
advice and I am at least as important as my pick-up so I rely on my
doctor’s advice about my own health care. If you are sick, please
stay home instead of coming to work-your boss will not consider your
actions heroic and your fellow employees will consider getting out
the torches and pitchforks. Please spend your sick time back at the
ranch in your own flu-infested fortress of solitude.

Now get well.

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