Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

If I drift off or lose focus during this letter, I’m just working my
way through some recent head trauma; nothing to worry about. I’ll
write more on that topic as soon as I remember what I was going to
tell you.

I was recently elected to a position as Supervisor for the Soil and
Water Conservation District. I attended my first meeting in January
and really enjoyed it. It is hard to comment on the position yet as I
am really just learning that which it is I have opened myself to
The Supervisor position was a task that played into my
interests as I like the benefits of having water and prefer it to be
clean and taste good. I have already received the commission of
secretary on the board. I don’t plan to be a secretary as in
“Secretary of State” but rather more like the secretary who just
looks pretty and listens intently. I think I may eventually be of
some use to my fellow man at this position, Dave.

Oh yeah, the head trauma, now I remember. Dave, I was recently using
the pick-up and plow to move snow in our yard and driveway. I was in
a hurry and close to complete when I backed the truck into a tree. I
move fast when I plow and this was no exception. I ran my head
through the rear windshield of the cab and destroyed the glass. I
also did the bumper no great favor as it and the windshield had to be
replaced. I have a large and solid head and which was amazingly
useful as a
wrecking ball and the reality is I suffered no great harm, except I
can’t play the violin anymore. I also obsessively scratch behind my
own ears whenever Lisa runs the microwave which I’m sure will pass.
My neck and shoulders really bore most
of the injury and I am still stiff. Lisa suggested I wear a bike
helmet when I plow snow from now on. Lisa is always so casual about
things and when I came in from plowing that night to announce my
accident, she simply said “oh, I was wondering what that exploding
sound was.” I suspect the lower tones of the explosive sound were the
meeting of truck and tree however the middle tones most likely were
my brain softly gushing up against the inside of my cranium. Anyway,
I am okay except I cannot currently remember your name, uh brother.

Our nephew Jamie just recently participated in the repair and tie-in
of the Enbridge pipeline, Dave. The pipeline passes under the Red
Lake River south
of Thief River Falls. The massive amount of men, machines and money
it took to complete this task makes me thankful there are men willing
work hard, machines to help them and someone willing to spend the
money. I like driving my pick-up and enjoy the warmth of forced-air
heat derived from petroleum products, so I would like to thanks the
folks who make the pipeline work. I always get a kick out of people
who like to berate the pipeline and wrap themselves in the cloak of
being an “environmentalist” yet they are driving the same vehicle as
I do and have an LP tank sitting out in their yard, same as me.

You’re little bro’

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