Bullets out of Bray


I haven’t done a “bullet point” column in a bit so this week I thought I’d lob a few thoughts at you from our home in Bray Township.






I got sick


Despite good efforts, I got sick. I’d avoided cold and flu up to this point, unfortunately I recently picked up a virus and it went viral. I’d go to the doctor but I my illness is never bacterial in origin but rather viral, as previously mentioned. I will fight this battle not with modern medicine but rather from our couch, cloaked in blankets with our cat Magoo and sipping broth.


Three Bottom plows


I like to watch machinery prices on the internet and through auction results. I can’t remember the last time I saw a cheap, three-bottom plow. There was a time when farmers were almost giving these things away but now they apparently have been found to be made of gold. I don’t know if there exists a shortage of three-bottom plows due to scrap metal prices or if there is suddenly a desperate need for the tiny soil-turners. I suspect there must be cattle farmers with small paddocks of pasture who wish to use plows to renovate their pasture. I doubt the plows would be in demand for deer plots but perhaps. Anyway, I’ve been checking and most three bottom plows cost the same or more than larger five and seven bottom versions. I don’t know if this interests anyone other than myself but I just thought I’d bring it to your attention.




Mindy Mccready


I read that Mindy Mccready shot herself on February 17th. I typically have no interest in celebrity life however I guess one detail of her death struck me; she died on her porch. This was apparently the same location that her boyfriend used when he committed suicide the previous month. I think most see the front porch as a place of peace and relaxation. I wonder why they both chose this same location for their last action on earth. It must have been a place of happiness at one time for both of them. I just can’t fathom what makes someone want to kill themselves. I mean, there are so many people who fight to live through disease or war and then there are some who give there lives away.



Real Food


Have you read a food label lately? You will need a Latin dictionary for pronunciation of some food ingredients and a chemist to understand their use. I wonder sometimes if these formulations are derived from the carpet that is derived from old soda bottles. Over the last few years, I find myself eating only the things I remember from my youth. I think the less processing the better. Sometimes, I find ingredients in food have a certain protein or other element removed for use somewhere else. That element is then replaced with something less expensive and artificial so that its taste is recognizable to the taste buds. Unfortunately, it is not recognizable to the body which does not always know how to process the food. I think we need to respect our food and use it wisely. It is better to eat smaller amounts of original, high-calorie food than to gorge on the low-calorie, artificial stuff.





Lisa’s Birthday


My bride turned, uh let’s just say Lisa celebrated her birthday this week. Lisa, you are the best. Happy Birthday!

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