Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

There has been much talk recently of airborne drones and the
possibility of loss of privacy due to their use. Lisa and I have
recently been under intense surveillance, not by drones but by a small
calico cat. Otherwise it’s been a good winter, how ’bout you?

The cat is the stray we put up in the barn. I made a nest of straw
bales and opened a sack of cat food and left it. We rarely saw
anything of the cat except her shining eyes when vehicle headlights
flashed the barn. The little cat came up to the house for water and
then would quickly leave. We made a few short sightings which allowed
us to identify her as a tiny, black calico. She has now begun
visiting more often and we suspect she is in heat. We suspect this as
she meows loudly enough to vibrate the windows and watches us
constantly. She also likes to crawl on the screens, sometimes
parallel with the ground. This brazen, open display of amour is a bit
disturbing but I guess it is just nature. The little cat has lost
most of her fear and I suspect I may have been able to pet her just
yesterday but felt that may have caused complex and confusing
emotions and so stayed indoors. Our cat, Twich, instead is in charge
of “stray calico social development” and pretty much treats her as a
either a servant or pest which is how he treats everyone.

Onto something more serious, Dave; the History Channel is presenting
“The Bible,” each Sunday night during the month of March. Roma Downey
from “Touched by an Angel” and her producer husband Mark Burnett
created the series. “The Bible” has been met with much acclaim and we
liked it too. Dave, you and I were fortunate that guys like Pastors
Mathre, Hofrenning and Gabrielsen made sure we learned the course of
the Bible. Because of this prior knowledge, I was able to follow the
pace of “The Bible” however some people may need to watch it a couple
of times to catch everything. There is, however, a fair amount of
narration that will help most keep up with the rapid-fire pace at
which the greatest story ever told, is told.

Here’s the deal, Dave. I believe this production of “The Bible” is
doing so well because people really needed to learn this story in a
familiar format; the television. People have chased possessions,
money, status, politics and have found these things unsubstantial.
They want something more. I saw a poll just a few years ago that said
more people today believe in unidentified flying objects than in God.
I believe this is nothing more than the need for a higher power by a
populace that has no religious education; their bibles are comic
books and their church is the internet. “The Bible” is a series
delivered in a way most-easily absorbed by a populace who need a
story that is believable, not because of clever storytelling, but
because it is the truth. So many people have made science fiction a
part of their personal belief systems, they may find historical fact
refreshing and more satisfying. It will fill a void they have been
trying to fill with Bigfoot, teen-age Vampires and little green men.

That’s enough for now, Dave. I purchased a mower out in Garrison,
North Dakota and so suspect I will be seeing you soon and so will save some
conversation for that time.

You’re little bro

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