Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

If I were to look out my window and see spring’s progress and then
look at the calendar and note that it was mid to late march, I would
be satisfied. It is not and I am not.

Honestly let’s not talk about the weather, Dave; we all know that the
clock is ticking. The time we lose towards spring planting is paid
for this fall in the propane farmers use to dry their late maturing
corn. Honestly, our big days of growth seems to come in July so maybe
spring isn’t the greatest factor for row crops however the ground is
a long way from warm and you can’t even plant potential until the
ground thaws.
I heard Marv Bossart died this week, Dave. Marv Bossart was the
Anchor for WDAY television news for decades. He was the old-time sort
of announcer who simply gave the facts and trusted the viewer to be
informed enough to decide what those facts meant. It was that trust
that made me want to trust him. I wish newscasters today would
realize that giving the facts and leaving their personal opinions at
home is the only way to build trust with their listener. Bossart was
a true gent and did the news a great favor in how he delivered it.

Dave, do you remember the story of “the Great Chicken Heart” on the
old “Bill Cosby show?” The chicken heart grew larger and larger until
it could eat whole cities. I have a similar situation with my
hydroponic fodder project, the Fodder Monster. The hydroponic fodder
unit will one day sprout barley seed into a lush, green, palatable,
nutritious mat that I can feed to my cattle. Unfortunately, the
completion of this project is inversely effected as I continue to
increase its size. The fodder monster will never grow large enough to
eat a city however it may eat us out of house and home. Anyway, it
has been a fun project and will hopefully pay me back for all of the
loving attention it has received from me during construction.

I think we are all too dependent upon technology, Dave. The world’s
infrastructure was once made of stuff that a country boy could fix
with a stick welder and the large tube of JB Weld. Our infrastructure
has changed in that we are no longer as concerned with moving cars,
electricity and water as we are in moving information. The internet
and accompanying technology has made life more efficient, work less
taxing and the transfer of information less expensive-right up until
it does not work, then technology sucks. I never feel more helpless
than when the computer doesn’t work, as there exist no duct-tape
remedies for this problem. It reminds me of how important it is stay
able to solve math problems in my head and keep an abacus handy.

Hope all is well out in Carrington, Dave. Darrel and I still plan to
eventually travel through on our way to Garrison.
You’re little bro’

2 thoughts on “Letter to Dave

  1. Great post Grant. The part about society being more interested in how to move information faster and more efficiently than the actual information (or accuracy of it?) strikes a chord. While I spend a fair amount of time searching youtube (how to replace a side view mirror on a ’97 Expedition) it was useless as the information was incorrect. Society would do well do exhaust more energy and attention to doing things “right” not doing things fast..the wrong way..but I fear that will never happen.


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