A few years ago, a new form of vacation became fashionable; it was
called the “stay-cation.” This was a vacation which you were supposed
to perform in your own immediate area-maybe your own backyard. In
other words, this was a vacation in which you went nowhere. As a
person who prefers not to vacation at all, it was a time in which I
have never felt so in tune with national trends.

You may have read about my trips abroad with friends and family.
These were truly epoch for me as I resist most travel and my ability
to enjoy these trips was based on my deep trust of those with which I
shared a vehicle. If Lisa, Teresa or Jeanette aren’t in the car then
I probably won’t be, either.

I just have never been a traveler. If my head doesn’t rest in my own
bed during a 24 hour period I don’t feel right. I miss the cats, the
cattle and our little farm. I would say I miss my wife Lisa however
if she isn’t with me then I am still at home.

I know some folks claim to “re-charge” during a vacation however I
find any “re-charging” from a vacation to be short-lived and quickly
burned away like simple carbohydrates. I find home improvement or
building something to make life easier to be more sustaining and
satisfying-like protein and a little fiber. I also find that using a
day here or there is much more rewarding than large blocks of time to
the point I would say my satisfaction with any vacation is inversely
effected by it’s length.

I would talk about camping and it’s role in a vacation however I
cannot use the proper profanity to communicate my dislike for
camping. I will simply say that I am one of few people who have never
attended Bible camp. I absolutely refused as a child to go to Bible
camp. I like the Bible quite a lot however not enough to camp in its
celebration. I believe that was the first time I ever remember
telling myself that the only way I would go was dead and cold. I was
a stubborn and willful child and have never taken the time to change.

Some folks like to “go to the cabin” for a vacation. This is camping
for people who think a wooden structure will make all the
difference. These are places where women become upset when the kids
aren’t “outside having fun” and men mow the lawn and drink beer to
forget. I’m not sure who is supposed to be having fun here; the upset
women, the kids trying to avoid the great outdoors and play video
games or the guy who now has two places in which to perform yard
maintenance. It really sounds like an attractive way to waste a few
hard-earned weeks of vacation time.

Lisa and I have always felt close the country music singers Miranda
Lambert and Blake Shelton. The reason for this is simple; they, like
us, rate their own home as their number one vacation spot. We love to
be at home where the bed is bug-free, daily showers are standard,
breakfasts are anything but continental and the maintenance duties
associated with a cabin are equally-shared; Lisa does the lawn-mowing
and I drink the beer.

2 thoughts on “Vacation?

  1. I read your latest work and was smiling and nodding the entire read. I guess that’s why I enjoy your writing as my mindset falls along the same path as yours. Vacation doesn’t even appeal to me for more than 4-8 hours. I sleep better in my own bed, enjoy my own coffee and if I want to get up at 3:30AM on my staycation I don’t worry about waking up anyone else. I tell my wife there’s nothing in the Bible about God granting us 4 weeks paid vacation each year. Luckily my wife agree’s.She prefers I work 🙂 So why go on a vacation because society thinks I should? Sorry, not the way of life for me. When it comes to camping I’ll also ago but in a little different vain as I’ve done my camping and don’t really get the draw for living like they did “back then” or “roughing it” I’d guess my great grand parents would’ve enjoyed A/C and a soft mattress rather than skeeters, humidity and waking up wet with dew. Nope. I don’t need that. Thanks again for sharing..always appreciate your insight


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