God, wife, boss

When I buy a used car I expect the salesman to act like-a used car
salesman. I believe they are just doing their job and should be
admired for their energy and gregariousness. When I meet a person out
in the regular world and they act like a used car salesman then I am
suspicious. I suspect these folks are either Dale Carnegie graduates
or believe they are still in high school running for homecoming king
or queen. Here is the thing; these folks need regular and plentiful
forage for their very own egos. They seek popularity, acceptance and
the admiration of those around them. They are slaves, slaves to their
own self-importance.

I chose some time ago to smile only when I meant it and maintain my
own sovereignty. When you see others’ approval as the only indication
of your own success or correctness of your ideas, your are lost. I
would admit some very successful people have followed this insincere
pathway of constant approval-seeking as a map to prestige and money.
They are empty souls decorated in their own meaningless success.

I have chosen a different path-a cleaner, more sincere path. I don’t
parrot back words to people so they falsely believe we have the same
ideas nor do I look deeply into the eyes of folks I don’t know and
nod like a bobblehead. I also do not begin a phone call by repeating
the caller’s name three times in the first minute of conversation to
create false familiarity. I find strangers calling each other by
first name creepy and insincere. I do not act friendly or create
friendships to earn money.

Here is what I do: God, wife, boss. It is that simple. I please God
first, then my wife and finally my boss. I am happy when someone
someone respects me, offers their friendship or gives me a slice of
their admiration. However I do not crave it nor do I solicit these
things. My credo for life is simple in that without God I will have
nothing or will lose what I do have. I will not have love and the
deepest friendship without my wife. Finally, without the respect of
my boss I will not have a means to live my life.

I am not anti-social, actually I am quite social and my friends are
the best. It is simply this; I welcome friendship, respect and all of
the other human things however as long as I have my three (God, wife,
boss) I will get along no matter what occurs in life. This is such a
freedom in that each positive human contact and friendship feels so
good and natural-not contrived in the ways that some seek to “win
friends and influence people.” I learned much of this after my first
marriage ended in divorce. I decided at that time that I was better
off by myself and that I would only let those into my world who
enriched my life. My basic three (God, wife, boss) became my fortress
from which I could observe others and draw near those who showed true
sincerity, good work ethic and respect.

If this column offends you please remember that what I say boils down
to one word, sincerity. If my words make you angry then your anger is
with yourself. Sometimes growth can begin with such emotion and I
wish you good luck. I found my own path in the simple philosophy of
God, wife and boss.

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