Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

It is fair week here in Pennington County. People from across the
land will now gather to sweat, rehydrate and sweat some more. They
will also have a pretty good time. The county fair started not so
terribly long after the pioneers arrived to this land and is
testament to the work ethic of those who came before us. I mean, they
were settling land and creating large families yet found time to set
aside a week to have fun and have a little competition. The county
fair has changed in subtle ways but is basically still the same. I
always have good childhood memories of the fair which mostly involve
our cattle, Dave. I also remember that as the midway closed on Sunday
night, so closed the summer.

Dave, we are a family of animal lovers. It is for this reason that I
really dislike puppy mills. I raise animals for profit however I care
deeply about the cattle. Puppy mills are run by people who seek
dollars yet have no knowledge of animals nor do they care for their
welfare. These puppy mill owners are the same people who participate
in pyramid scams and try to rope others into quick-buck schemes. I
feel sorry for those 120 animals recently rescued out in North Dakota
but their lives should turn around as they get to meet the better
part of humanity which will clean them up and find them good homes.
We had a pretty bad storm last week, Dave. It was not a tornado but
rather some pretty stern straight-line winds; lots of trees blown
down and some building damage. The fact we didn’t have more buildings
blown down is a testament to good construction and we should thank
every carpenter over the last many decades who used an extra nail
here and there. Lisa’s mom, Jeanette, even had an apparent lightning
strike which destroyed one of her trees. It should make the tree
exponentially easier for her to trim this Christmas.

Lisa and I have a nice little tradition for this time of year, it is
the arrival of the Hillbilly Hogs. Lisa’s nephews and a few of their
friends drive four wheelers cross-country enroute to the Pennington
County fair. They make several stops along the way and Lisa and I are
included among the stops. I think last year there were 22 or 24
wheelers in our yard at one time. It’s an awesome site and really all
we’ve done in the past is purchase earplugs for the cats. This year
we wanted to do something special for these gents however Casey
Skjerven already keeps enough “Lunchables” in his storage rack for
all concerned so food isn’t an issue. Maybe we could offer a
commemorative kerchief or a refreshing dip in the Black River,
perhaps we will just stay with some shade and a little refreshment;
bottles of cold water and such.

Well Dave, I’ve got our July planned right through to the end. I hope
your month is not nearly so structured although I’m sure it just as

Your little bro’

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