Old Bullets

Bullet One: Old Tube

Lisa and I watch some current television. However, we have also like
to travel into our television past. MeTv is a side-band television
channel offered by KVLY out of Fargo. MeTv offers mostly shows from
the fairly-distant past. I have amazed Lisa with a stunning rendition
of the theme from “the Mary Tyler Moore” as the show plays before our
eyes. We also like M*A*S*H* re-runs from the mid seventies. RFD TV is
also a favorite. I wake-up at five most Saturday mornings to watch
“Country’s Family Reunion.” This is a show begun in 1996 which
gathers country and western musicians from the past to sit in
semi-circle as they play their hits and tell the stories behind each
song. It is a lovely experience and watching it from the couch with
coffee and cats is one of my favorite things to do. Now if I could
just find some vintage news programs so I could gather something from
my news other than what cool, earthshaking activities in which Miley
Cyrus is involved.

Bullet two: Old Fence

I am replacing the last length of the old fence here on our little
farm. I like high-tensile fence which is drawn tight, electrified and
has replaced a lot of the world’s old barbed wire. I feel like I am
wrapping up the place in a perimeter which has my thumbprint on it. I
don’t plan on replacing any of this fence again in my lifetime so
this is it. I may leave a little barbed wire just to keep some of the
old to mix in with the new. I noticed one thing about the fence-an
old stick. We were leaving on a trip some time ago and I noticed the
old barbed wire was loose. I found a stick, wrapped it into the wire
and then twisted it tight. I though how temporary a fix this was and
that I would fix it properly when we got home. Here’s the deal, that
was six years ago. Here’s the lesson in that old stick; decisions you
make today may stay longer than you think and time passes fast so
gather those rosebuds while it is possible do so with vigor.

Bullet Three: Old Woman

This is about Jeanette Walseth, my mother in-law. I can say “old
woman” because if you know Jeanette you would realize describing her
as old is inaccurate and humorous. Jeanette has kept a fresh, young
mind and the vigor of spirit which makes the “golden years,” golden.
Anyway, Jeanette is celebrating a personal diamond anniversary and I
wanted to wish her a happy birthday.

Bullet Four: Old Flames

One year ago, because of drought, were were entering a period of
increased grass and crp fires. We’ve had more rain this year however
not all locations have received large portions of precipitation.
August is typically a drier month so let’s all engage our brains
before we strike a match. Get a burning permit, make sure the border
of the area to be burned is tilled and have plenty of help and burn
into the wind.

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