Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I just got done working on the corral in my best regular clothes. It
reminds me of how some of my best work is done without preparation
and without proper work clothes. I know of people who won’t pull a
weed from their garden without special gloves or a hat. I am quite
the opposite as I often move cattle from paddock to paddock in a
t-shirt, boxers and “Castle” snowmobile boots.

Well, Dave, I don’t know what you can do with the information in the
preceding paragraph, but there it is. Last month’s’ visit at your
home in Carrington, North Dakota bore a high-happiness-density rating
for me. I guess what I mean to say is though I was only in town for
about an hour, it was really fun. I like eating at that same diner as
the English muffins are a good 30 percent larger than the norm. I was
surprised that the prices have not increased what with the increased
traffic flow derived from the increased oil flow out west. I’m not
sure who has done what in your back yard but a couple’s efforts are
always to be praised in equal amounts so I will just say that you and
Mary have made the area between your home and the outskirts of
Carrington quite lovely. I wish I had taken pictures for Lisa as my
description could not accurately describe the detail and colors.

We are well into harvest now, Dave. I don’t mean myself as I only
have cattle and see combines as merely roving reasons for repair. I
see a lot of people hitting the wheat fields and I can’t say much
about the barley as I haven’t seen a lot of it. We need another month
of good sun to make the corn crop and a little rain wouldn’t hurt
either. Our cattle are still on pasture but without some moisture we
will close the shutters in mid-September. I always like having cattle
into the fall but it will be an early good-bye without rain.

I rarely will say a project is finished. There is always room for
subtle change and improvement and that is what I am doing today,
Dave. Last year I built my cattle crowding tub out of a grain bin and
attached it to my alley which now leads to the squeeze chute I
purchased after our visit last month. The alley was too wide so I
narrowed it this week by adding two by six treated boards. This whole
outfit has been put-together mostly from other’s cast-offs but I am
quite proud of it and have incorporated the best of what I’ve seen in
manufactured units. I like to look at my successful projects whenever
I doubt myself and this cattle-handling facility has now made that

I just-re-read that first paragraph. I hope Lisa isn’t embarrassed
now that everyone knows I move cattle in my boxers. This is what I
meant in those first 72 words, Dave. People like to plan and ready
themselves for the offerings of life. I feel it is best to remember
that life is short and to just accept what is available as you are
and as the situation exists. A good plan today beats a great plan
tomorrow. Sometimes you hit the ball square and get a home run but
the game of life needs a batter who can hit for singles, doubles and
even occasionally leg-out an ugly hit. The best way to enjoy life is
to live it-today. Enough philosophy, apparently I watched too much
“Duck Dynasty” last night; sometimes Phil really inspires me.

Tell everyone hello

you’re little bro’

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