Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

Fall , for me, is the season of concrete. I have mixed more 60 pound
sacks of pre-mixed concrete in fall than in any other season. I’ve
heard that the thought should be twice considered before a farmer
ever pours concrete, as it seals mistakes into memorials. I have
always felt that concrete is the perfect medium for my creativity
and my utility and enjoy the process of making small forms, spade
excavation, the pour and then marking days on the calendar until the
chunk or slab comes to full strength. I just finished my last
circular concrete ring which I use around lawn obstacles so that I
never have to trim. I even pounded small rock into the concrete to
make it a bit more attractive.

Dave, next time you’re around town, you should check out the new
roundabout. The roundabout caused much fear among local drivers until
they found out how easy it was to use, as usual it was a case of-
“much adieu about nothing.” The new streetlights are on on south 32
so that bicyclist who regularly breezes across the intersection will
live a bit longer. Several years ago, the downtown was looking grim
however there’s nothing like a little vacancy to bring down rents
which opened the door for small, interesting shops that sell
entertainment as much as product. I stop by “Eclectic Confections”
occasionally for some salted chocolate for Lisa and I or even a
package of “pop bottles.”

Harvest is going well, Dave. The weather has been dry and drier, not
conducive to growth however that horse is out of the barn. It is now
full-on dry-down for soybeans and harvest for small grains. Timely
rains have made much of the harvest pretty nice, Dave.

Dave, I know you are a safe driver so the next is not for you. I do
know that those who, at my invite, peer over shoulders may have young
people in their lives who received their driver’s license not from
studious learning but rather from eBay or perhaps in a trade for
magic beans. I recently spoke to a young person who said they were
following another vehicle at a “safe, three-car distance.” A
three-car distance may be the norm in a NASCAR race however it is
insane on the roads! If you are in a car, you should have ONE SECOND
of distance between you and the car you are following for EACH 10
miles per hour of speed-that is five and one half seconds if you are
driving 55 mph. Use a road marker and start counting when the car you
are following passes the marker and quit counting when you reach the
same sign. If you wonder why everyone around you displays road-rage,
look at the common denominator, which is you and your “safe” three
car following distance.

And we’re back…. Dave, sorry to spend our time educating the young
however we are at a time in our lives when the average
twenty-something (with some exceptions) knows more about technology
and computers than a NASA engineer from thirty years ago but has less
common sense than that same engineer’s ten year-old child.

Tell all hello, you’re little bro’

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