Truth, happiness, joy

 I went for a ride in the Ranger this morning, right at dawn. I like to
look at current projects and form my morning with a cup of coffee and
a little ride. I saw a sand hill crane trolling along at about thirty
feet and visually tracked the path he created based on the location
of our driveway. I could see the outline of its bill, body and legs and
thought it was such a nice moment.

It’s those moments in time that make a mark on my life; those
moments when I lose myself and time becomes unimportant. I get these
moments at times when we perform a fairly difficult set of poses in
our yoga class, too. These are the moments when you don’t consider
what other people think or what passes for conventional “wisdom”
today. It is a time when the truth passes through my own
self-consciousness and makes itself known.

I’ve been thinking about joy and happiness, I’ve thought about it
most of my life. The truth I decided that morning was that joy is the
gift we are all given to enjoy; nature, our bodies, food, air,
sunshine, life everlasting,etc. Happiness seems to me something more
of human construct; it is the Valentine’s Day to Joy’s year-round
presence. It is more fleeting
and not as sustaining.

Joy to me is the presence of life, ask someone whose life is short
and they will tell you joy is life. Joy is the knowledge that I can enjoy
life unending by simply accepting it and living. Joy is the
appreciation of our surroundings like the sandhill crane following
the same path I would soon use on my atv ride. These are the joys I
experience when I forget myself and just allow life to
absorb me.

I don’t pretend to be in a constant state of happiness. I used to
shoot pistols on a team back about twenty years ago. There was a
fellow from Canada who was a superior marksman and he told me that I
needn’t keep my pistol solidly on the target at all times. Even if my
aim swayed a bit, all I had to do was wait until the pistol was on
target, even for a moment, then pull the trigger. I think that is the
way of happiness in that you often times play around its edges but
need to really enjoy it when you are on target. If I could expand on
this metaphor, I would say that the happiness I experienced of
attending a pistol shoot was relaxation. Shooting a pistol demanded my
attention which forced me to forget myself at which time the truth to
any of life’s problems were answered.

Happiness is the ripples of clarity that give texture to the joy of
life. At the times we forget ourselves and allow truth to come

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