A Halloween Trick

 I like Halloween. I don’t celebrate Halloween but I like to play
pranks and surprise people so Halloween is the one time when these
sorts of actions are universally acceptable. I played a good prank
this past Halloween.

I grew up scaring my brother’s and being scared by them. Steve once
reached down from the hay mow and grabbed my hat while I was feeding
the cows and gave me a little mini heart attack. He also once reached
out from under the entry to a trailer house and grabbed my leg as I
tied my shoe. I will invest long periods of time, uncomfortably
hunched over just to jump out and said, “BOO!” It is childish but it
is also wonderful and apparently part of my DNA.

One of our friends has kept his work vehicle at our home for the last
several months. Over this time, we have developed a relationship with
him along with the trust gained in a friendship. A good prank is most
often played on someone whose habits you know and whose trust you
enjoy. A good prank is a betrayal of that trust, a slight betrayal.
Kris keeps his work-vehicle in our shed. Kris left that night for
work after which I went to work. He works for good, that night I
worked for my own needs.

I went to work on my prank that night in our shed. I took some sheets
and wrapped them inside another sheet then zip-tied the whole bundle
into what closely resembled a ghost. I hung the “ghost” from the
rafters of the shop at a height which would be equal to that of a
scared human’s face. I then tied light fishing line to the ghost,
strung the line through the rafters and pulled it up into the area
above the door. I am afraid of heights and so I considered the lack
of reasonable sense in standing on a 12 foot step ladder, in my
snowmobile boots, in my shorts just to play a prank. I tied the end
to the door and carefully left the building after my trap was set.

I slept so good that night, there is something so satisfying about
making plans and hoping they work. Kris and I had made light-hearted
conversation earlier that day so I felt he would suspect nothing. I
went to bed knowing this frightening die had been cast and bedtime
was like falling asleep with mama in her kerchief and I in my cap to
await an October 31st version of Santa Claus and his scary gifts.

This is what happened when Kris returned to our farm that night. He
opened the door which broke the fishing line that suspended the
ghost. The ghost free-fell about ten feet and landed on our brave
victim’s head. Our brave victim then became our scared victim for a
bit. I had considered filming the prank for later viewing but decided
better of it. You see, only one party has to enjoy the prank for it
to be successful. This fact can leave one party temporarily
displeased with the party who has enjoyed the prank. I stayed safely
inside, snug with my dreams of a prank well-planned and well-played.

I don’t carve pumpkins or eat candy at Halloween so my only
involvement is in the trick or prank. It’s too bad the prank had to
happen to such a nice guy but isn’t that the classic victim in any
scary Halloween tale? Please forgive me Kris, but I really ask for so
little-I truly needed this.

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