RU Ready for some Football #13

I was a child once, and familiar with every professional football
player. The Minnesota Vikings broke my heart once too often and I was
no longer that child. In the last few years, I have redeveloped a
childish interest in professional football and have found the Vikings
to still be heart-breakers. I decided to try something new, fantasy

I checked the NFL , Wikipedia and a fantasy football websites and
found that fantasy football started in the sixties on a very small
scale. It was then called the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin
Prognosticators League and was a intensive labor of love as it was
done on paper and required the league commissioner to gather
statistics each week. The game later progressed into more of a game
to draw patrons to their local bar. In 1997 the first free, online
fantasy football league was begun by CBS television which dropped the
plow on fantasy football and it’s worldwide explosion. In fantasy
football, you choose real players for your league and their
accomplishments on the football field count as points for your
imaginary team. The logistics of statistic-gathering were streamlined
greatly with the advent of online fantasy football which made it
easier, more immediate and therefore more exciting.

I really like fantasy football because I am very competitive. I
really hate fantasy football because I am very competitive. The highs
and lows feel very real however they do not last very long, which is
good, because I am currently in eighth place on a ten-league team. I
recently lost to a co-worker and then saw him the next day. I told
him that it was still too-soon for us to have real-world contact and
that I would need time.

The points my team scores and the points other teams score against me
are kept on an accrual basis and no one has has more points scored
again them than me. In other words, teams play great when they play
me-always fun to beat-up on the new guy. I score plenty of points but
so do the other guys.

My team is named “Captain Nordic” which is in homage to my team
mascot days. My record is currently 4-6 and we have only three weeks
left until the playoffs. I play the ninth place team this week and I
can clinch a spot in the play-offs with a win (I think.) I feel like
I have been improving each week even though it was a steep learning
curve and will do well in the play-offs. The only sad aspect of this
is that if I enter the play-offs in eighth place then I will have to
play my bud, Andy, in the first game and he will be the recipient of
my post-season momentum. This will result in Andy’s early-exit from
the play-offs. Andy is soft-hearted and cries easily so my eventual
win will be bittersweet, at best.

It is my first year at fantasy football so I’m not even sure I know
of what I speak. It has been very enjoyable and kept me involved in
games that would otherwise probably lose out to paid infomercials
about the “Shopsmith Mark V” on a Sunday afternoon. Still, it just
isn’t the same as watching the Minnesota Vikings on a fall afternoon,
it is better.

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