Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

Young couples prepare for a new child with preparation; I do the same
for winter. We are both nesting although it manifests itself in
different ways. My favorite medium in which to express my nesting
instinct include Seafoam fuel additive and some simple organization.
I have put in way too much fuel additive into each engine on the
place after which I plug a battery maintainer into each electric
system. This gives me such a warm, satisfied feeling so strong that I
can scarce express it. I have also cleaned and organized my little
shop. I had neither cleaned nor organized in the past chronological
year and so it was a fair amount of work. Perhaps the effort is best
expressed in large dust pans of dirt (about 20) and garbage can loads
(about 5.)

By the time you get this letter, I will have already participated in
the Marshall County Central high school science fair in Newfolden. I
expect the young folks will feel quite good about their own
intellects as they discover their superiority to my own as my
strength is English and not science. We are using conference judging
on Friday, something in which I did participate in 4-H as a
youngster, so will do my best. I am mainly excited to see what young
people are thinking about and exploring nowadays. If I had to pick
from youthful enthusiasm or my own earned experience, I was choose
experience. However, even very young children are exposed to
technologies which did not exist even a few years ago so I like to
see how they build upon that body of knowledge.

We are still harvesting here in Northwest Minnesota, Dave. I believe
mostly just corn and at a pace derived by how quickly each bushel can
be dried. Each passing day dries the corn a little more so hopefully
everyone can end with a grand flourish but most likely it will be
just to get it done and store it with hope of better prices. I wonder
if all that expensive land purchased and tiny shelter-belts removed
the last few years is worth under four dollar corn. I always have a
nostalgic need to re-visit my youth and lately it has happened as
farming has begun to feel a little like the early eighties.

Finally Dave, a little news about our family; Deb is raising chickens
for eggs. She brought Lisa and me a really nice-looking dozen just
this week. Debbie is kind and gentle and will do well with chickens.
I have never known someone with a personality more in line with the
title “Chicken Lady.” Darrel and I plan to take a trip to look at a
different pick-up for me. I no longer say “new” pick-up as my
vehicles are rarely new. I’ll let you know how the trip went and how
the first omelet tastes.


you’re little bro

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