Letter to Dave

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Dear Dave,

I was shocked to find that the hair band Motley Crue was again
playing concerts. The shock was not because of the concerts but that
tickets for their concert in Fargo were being sold many months in
advance of the event. In consideration of the hard life this band
chose for itself, I would consider those ticket purchases an act of

Dave, do you remember movies like “Animal House” and “Stripes?”
Harold Ramis was responsible for much of the writing and even
directing those movies. I do not typically bow my head when a
Hollywood-type leaves through a side exit but Ramis seemed like a
good guy and his ability to make me laugh remains unquestioned. Humor
is an important commodity and Harold Ramis almost cornered the
market in his time. I was sorry to hear of his death.

I noticed Kerry Kennedy is on trial for driving while under the
influence of a prescription drug, Dave. She and her defense team are
calling this a “mistake.” Isn’t it funny how the rich and powerful
make “mistakes” while the rest of us poor serfs just admit to our
breaches of the law? Kennedy claims not to use her family name as a
pry bar to dislodge justice; however her lawyer opened his statement,
on her behalf, with a soliloquy that enumerated President Kennedy’s
accomplishments. After this laundry list he then mentioned that Kerry
Kennedy just happens to be JFK’s niece. I dislike name droppers, they
use their relationships as a tool instead of a valued treasure and
undermine the basis for human friendship.

Dave, our sister Debbie has been out of town this week. During this
time, I have taken care of her cats-at least I think I have. Debbie
has several dogs and I always wondered how cats would do in her
household. Deb really loves animals and I am sure she would want cats
in her home but when she showed me the location of their food and
water, I saw no cats. Sometimes people like the idea of a concept,
such as cat ownership, so much that they will create a fantasy of how
they would wish things truly exist. In order to further this fantasy,
they will sometimes enlist others to perpetuate it. As I stood in the
lower living room today, looking for the cats I was supposed to be
feeding, a rush of
realization hit me as I thought that perhaps I had gone down the
rabbit hole and entered Debbie’s cat fantasy world. The food and
water are automatic so there is no real scientific way to check if
either substance is being consumed. I will check both litter boxes
today, perhaps if there is nothing in either one I will transfer some
of our cat droppings to Debbie’s litter box so that her world may
include this dazed and happy myth. Maybe the cats are just shy,
I am reading too much into the situation.

Tell everyone hi, I better go feed the “cats.”

you’re little bro

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