I miss winter

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It felt like spring on Tuesday-most of the snow was gone. I saw
several Robins and got a lot of work done-it was really nice. Here’s
the rub, though; I miss winter.

Yeah, I miss winter. I love spring and every little bird that comes
back to enjoy this fine weather with me. I like taking a full breath
without my nose hair freezing. I don’t care for the stress of trying
to get to work in storms and I always worry something will freeze
during the winter. Still, I miss it.

Winter is my time out. Winter is the season of lowered expectations
as I feel accomplished in just surviving. I always start out small
after a storm with a little shovel work to warm-up. I then plow the
driveway and yard and finish by cleaning the little lines of snow
that escape my snow plow with my four-wheeler. An hour or two of work
changes the whole look of our yard and it is incredibly rewarding. I
also love how beautiful and uniform the yard looks with that nice
layer of snow. It takes such a small amount of effort to make good
whereas it seems the warmer seasons demand much more effort for the
same reward.

Part of my winter stasis is shop work. I spent much of this winter
quietly at work and perfectly happy. Some of what I do is needed
repair but most of what I do is new creating in order to simplify my
life or make it easier. I like organization and any time I can build
a new shelf then I am a happy man. There is such a warm and happy
feeling as I work, listen to the radio and drink coffee. This warm
and happy feeling is due to equal parts kerosene-generated heat, the
feeling of accomplishment and a delicious delirium brought about by
carbon monoxide poisoning courtesy of my Nipco heater.
The final good of winter is exercise. I never feel as warm during the
fourth season as after working out. I don’t have a ton to do in
winter so the exercise really fits into this empty space. I thought
I’d try to snowshoe this winter but I thought I’d try last winter and
each time with the same results-I found snowshoeing cold and
inherently involved snow which is something I avoid.

It’s easy to sit here with light rain on the roof and warm
temperatures on the horizon and get all warm and cuddly about winter.
The truth is winter has a beauty if you respect its power; it is not
a season to be courted by fools. Perhaps it should not be the
subject of a wish either as it will soon enough arrive. I guess I
will enjoy these months unfettered by snow and full of productivity,
like it or not.

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