Letter to Dave

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.Dear Dave,

I was relieved to see it was the end of the month which meant this
letter is my column. These are the easiest columns I ever write and
always well received. People tell me these letters feel honest and
simple which makes sense because those are traits I also enjoy.

I have been in preparation mode for spring since early March, Dave. I
set a little propane heater in the greenhouse and installed a floor,
another set of hydroponic dutch buckets plus new reservoirs, water
pumps and two new air pumps to oxygenate the water. I also laid a
wood pallet at the entrance for ease of entrance but that demanded
very little installation.

Dave, I used to spend several days each spring repairing fence. I’d
pull the fence up from under grass, replace insulators and just
generally close my eyes to the ugliness of the finished product. Over
time, many hours and money have been invested in making my fence
decent and I think this year was my existential pat on the back as I
have very little to fix. I sincerely want to have cattle until the
day I die and good fence is one essential of that plan. There’s a
little to fix but it ain’t spring without some fence repair.

I suppose you’ve got a few farmers scratchin’ mud out your way. We
still have cold, muddy soil here and I have heard reports of frost as
deep as thirteen feet. Our own system for removal of excessive soil
moisture has not come into full swing as it is still frozen. However
we had two ducks yesterday which I suspect were enticed from a few
thousand feet up by the billboard created by the little pool of water
in the yard.

We have a good crop of birds so far, Dave. Lisa brought it to my
attention that a Robin had built a nest in one of the hay trolleys.
The location is about as “high-traffic” as they come at our place but
everything I’ve read speaks to a Robins sociability. I think I would
prefer something more private but if it works for her-who am I to
say? I do notice every time we open the front door, she leaves which
I would find unacceptable in my own living conditions. Again if she’s
happy, let the Robin be itself.

Finally, Dave, I have a long-term project. I’ve noticed that when I
tell too many people about a planned project, I sometimes fail to
complete the project. I believe that just speaking about the project
stirs my creative juices to the point it satisfies my need to create.
It’s like my brain feels that my body has already completed the task
just because I have spoken to others of my plans. Therefore, I will
keep quiet although it will be my most adventurous winter project
yet. I have other preparations which are supportive of the winter
project that I must complete so I guess we’ll see.

Thanks for the easy column, I needed it.

You’re little bro’

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